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Smart Catalogue structure :: CANBUS, Safety, Custom Controls

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CANBUS, Safety, Custom Controls

This Catalogue includes CANBus Keypads with custom icons, daylight readable vehicle mono and colour displays, controllers and sensors. Elobau Machinery safety systems,
Programmable VGA display controllers for Sales terminals, belt weighing readout, action timers for eventing and time down auctions and other custom applications.

Machinery Safety Systems ::: 
A range of ready to use modules and sensors designed to create safer working environments around various types of machinery..
We have demonstration systems to show how the modules, safety sensors and software operates.

In this catalogue you can search through :

Elobau eloProtect, ELOBAU Safety Systems.

CANBUS Products For Transport ::: 
This section is promoting daylight viewable screens, a range of CANBUS (CanOpen and J1939) keyboards and plus a variety of switches, sensors and other parts associated with land, sea and air transport and machines.

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CANBUS Keypads, Engine Monitoring products.

VGA Display Controllers ::: 
A product line of VGA display drivers designed to accept commands from microprocessor based systems.
The commands may be in the VGA-232 programming language or may be a fixed data set which is interrupted via a custom programme within the VGA display board.
A analogue (process control signal eg 4-20mA, 0-5Vdc) may be displayed as figure, bar chart etc. The VGA board may be programmed to display messages according to the signal level or according the RS232 input data.

In this catalogue you can search through :

Design Tools VGA-232.

Custom Projects ::: 
We have undertaken a number of mathematically challenging projects resulting in simple solutions based around customised Programmable Logic Devices (PLD)

In this catalogue you can search through :

Spray Nozzle Control.

Device Programmers ::: 
Programmers for EPROM, EEPROM, PLD, Microprocessors etc.

In this catalogue you can search through :

EPROM Programmers, EPROM Erasers, Programming Adaptors.