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Feb 2015

New Developments at Measurement Specialties (Div of TE Connectivitiy)

MS 7550A

High Temperature accelerometer for turbine engines

TE Connectivity has just released a high temperature piezoelectric charge mode accelerometer designed for long term health usage monitoring on turbine engines. The Model 7550A accelerometer incorporates an annular shear mode crystal that provides stable thermal response up to +300°C with output sensitivity options of 20pC/g and 50pC/g.


High Resolution Pressure Sensor for Water Depth Measurement

The MS5837-30BA is a new generation of high resolution pressure sensors with I²C bus interface for depth measurement systems with a water depth resolution of 2 mm. The sensor module includes a high linearity pressure sensor and an ultra low power 24-Bit ΔΣ ADC with internal factory calibrated coefficients. It provides a precise digital 24-Bit pressure and temperature value, and different operational modes that allow users to optimize for conversion speed and current consumption.

MS 11207AC

Gyro Approved for Commercial JET Aircraft Applications

Model 11206AC Rate Gyro SensorThe Model 11207AC Gyro has recently received STC approval and will be deployed for roll and yaw monitoring in commercial jet applications.

KMA 36 for Linear and Angular measurement

Enhanced support for the KMA36 Position Sensor

Click on this image to visit www.meas-spec.com info siteLinear and Angular Measurement are standard requirements for system developers. Magneto-resistive measurement techniques have a proven track record of low cost, accurate measurement. The MS KMA36 is already well established and the company is constantly seeking new applications.

An new application note supports fast evaluation the KMA36 using the Arduino Uno Board. Source code is provided enabling Product Developers to asses this useful product within a shorter time frame.

Click the link on the picture to visit the MS web site where this Application note and several other very informative papers are available.

Please phone Hassan 09 630 7871 for further assistance on any of these new products.

Dec 2014

Wireless Tilt Systems

Sherborne Wireless Tilt Sensor.  Phone for pricing.Sherborne Sensors Wireless Tilt System (WTS) is designed to provide surveyors, geotechnical specialists and structural engineers with a complete measurement solution, without the cost, impracticality and system installation times of traditional wired methods. The WTS is a flexible, all weather, radio telemetry system that delivers highly accurate, remote angle, measurement data.

The WTS uses an advanced MEMS sensor to ensure high accuracy and maximum reliability. The multi-channel and distortion-free digital two-way telemetry system has a wireless range of up to 330ft (100m), 18 bit resolution and long battery life. Its robust design will ensure precision operation over many years in the most demanding environments.

Highway agencies, bridge and civil structure owners spend large revenues assessing structural health by visual or other types of consuming inspection methods of bolted and welded joints, together with other vital structural elements. Obtaining multiple readings to monitoring the entire structure can be costly and labour intensive. Using the WTS Wireless Tilt System, a single structure can be fitted with low power WTS Inclinometers at strategic points, thus helping to determine where weak points may be and when maintenance is required.

Furthermore, the WTS can be used to verify design calculations during the manufacture of new structures, providing valuable data for refining computer aided modelling of structural behaviour. A variety of complementary base stations and PC or hand-held data acquisition modules are available to deliver a complete measurement solution configurable to any type of structural health monitoring application. Contact us to find out more about how the WTS can support your business.

Dec 2014

Sherborne A320 low range accelerometers now a standard product

A320 low range accelerometers  Details phone Hassan 09 630 7871The A320 Series and A320L Series are high precision, servo balance ultra-low range accelerometers available in single and multi-axis configurations. They can be used in commercial, industrial, military and aerospace applications – from geophysical, seismic and civil engineering studies, to flight test monitoring and low acceleration analysis.

Individual models are available down to ±0.1g full scale, with full range outputs of ±5Vdc or 4 to 20mA. Despite their low measuring range, the A320 and A320L Series sensors are extremely robust and highly resistant to mechanical shock. Sealed to IP65, they are housed in an aluminium corrosion-resistant casing and will withstand 1500g shock events, and operate reliably in temperatures ranging from -18°C to 70°C without significant degradation in performance. Electrical termination options are either a 6-pin, bayonet lock connector, or solder pins.

The A320 Series offers customers the ability to accurately measure ultra-low g events with a device that upholds the same high levels of performance and robustness as other Sherborne Sensor products. It complements our current accelerometer product line, and was developed as a standard product offering in response to customer demand.

Nov 2014

SIKO AP10 series



AP10 for spindle positioning


AP10S for a measured position using magnetic sensor MS500H with MB500 linear magnetic tape of MR500 series radial magnetic band.


AP10T – Alpha/Numeric target value display to support format part or tool change

The applications for the AP10-family are directly applicable to designs employing DA, (especially DA09S), AP04, AG series SIKO devices.
The AP10 features will become a new standard for monitored size changeover as it offers important benefits compared to AP04 and traditional DA devices:

  • Improved programmability and readability with backlight alpha/numeric display.
  • Optimized user guidance with Status-LED‘s for positioning status AND rotational direction indication
  • Hollow shaft diameter up to 25.4 mm (= 1 inch)
  • SIKONETZ 5 command and control language interface.

The AP04 has achieved a very high level of customer design-in and will remain in the product portfolio. The AP04 becomes a compact alternative for applications in confined space.

Data Sheets available shortly.
Product Deliveries commence mid-DEC

Nov 2014

SIKO small Absolute Encoder

A new Absolute position, Single-turn Encoder Model name:AH25S

A low-cost encoder in a very small case.

When it comes to construction machinery, whether in the field of agricultural technology or forklift trucks, design engineers are often stretched to their limits with existing rotary encoders and measurement systems, as things tend to get especially tight in each of these application scenarios. Finding just the right system, one which satisfies all technical requirements, is resilient, and which also offers just the right construction form, often proves to be a difficult balancing act.

This is seen time and time again in the field of mobile automation as there are many factors to be contended with. Regardless of jolts, vibrations, dirt or moisture, all measurement tasks would always have to be done very accurately and free of any and all disturbances. In order to meet all requirements, the measurement systems are often elaborately encapsulated so as to be able to withstand weather conditions. However, the difficulty here is that the size of the measurement systems often exceeds the available installation space.

The absolute miniature single-turn AH25S rotary encoder from SIKO is the cost-effective and flexible alternative! It provides a unique balance between high resolution, excellent functionality, a sturdy housing design and a minimal construction form.

The absolute position rotary encoder provides analogue signal interfaces such as 0…20mA, 4…20 mA, 0…10V or 0.5…4.5V, with optional CW or CCW increasing. The AH25S always makes use of the wear-free, magnetic measurement principle to resolve the entire 360° in 4096 measurement steps. A redundant version is also available upon request. This innovative technology, packaged in a sturdy die-cast case, can be made use of in applications with limited installation space thanks to the small case diameter measuring only 25 mm.

Special design measures ensure Protection Class IP65 over the course of a long product lifetime, which makes the rotary encoder particularly suitable for positioning tasks in mechanically demanding environments and with temperatures ranging from -40 to +85°. Combined with resilient ball bearings, the AH25S is ideal for dependable measurement under confined spatial conditions. The 8 mm blind hollow shaft enables a simple installation of the rotary encoder. The rotary encoder itself can be manufactured with a radial cable outlet with an open cable end or a corresponding customer connector.

An overview of the benefits:

  • Small design form: Case diameter is only 25 mm!
  • High flexibility:
  • Various analogue interfaces: 0.5…4.5V, 0…10V, 4…20mA with CW and CCW options.
  • Sturdy case:
  • Protection Class IP65
  • -40…+85°
  • 8 mm blind hollow shaft

Applications for SIKO AH25SApplications for SIKO AH25SApplications for SIKO AH25S

Agricultural Machinery

Forestry Equipment

Harvesting Equipment

July 2014

World Magnetics


Aircraft qualty pressure switchesWorld Magnetics has increased its range of pressure, vacuum and differential pressure switch products to include the VEP - Value Engineered Products aerospace series. Offering low pressure set points and high proof pressure, this series is ideal for aircraft applications such as landing gear and brake systems. Also available in a Low pressure differential and dual differential pressure model, these switches can be used for air speed and air flow detection when reliability and safety is paramount.

With a wide range of pressure ports and electrical connectors available, this series can be designed to meet most customers' specifications. Many of the switches in the series can be manufactured in Stainless steel allowing them to meet the FAA 15 minute flame test requirements.

This latest addition to the World Magnetics group compliments the existing product ranges which include the DesignFlex ultra sensitive pressure, vacuum and differential pressure switches as well as the Dietz industrial pressure switches.

The DesignFlex switches are available in a wide variety of housing, mounting, porting, diaphragm, and set point configurations covering a pressure range from 0.1” H2O to 50” H2O (0.25 to 125mbar). Application specific features on certain models include field adjustable set points, factory calibrated versions for tamperproof use and full military spec versions. The range is characterized by exceptionally long working life and extremely high reliability. Dietz air pressure switches are aimed at heavy industrial and extreme environmental uses. With a range of 0.05" to 40" H2O, the 170D model is an ultra-low differential pressure switch for applications such as trains, ships and construction equipment where shock and vibration resistance is of paramount importance. Dietz also produces an ultra sensitive pressure switch for extreme environment forced air systems, filters, blowers, and exhaust fans up to 2500 fpm.
World Magentics products are engineered and crafted at our global manufacturing facility and world headquarters located in Traverse City, Michigan, USA. Our passionate customer focus and complete end-to-end manufacturing capabilities provide many customer benefits, including simplified custom engineering; quick service; and high-quality, durable product solutions.
For further information please contact: hassan@mandeno.co.nz

AUG 2013

Grayhill multi-touch pads

Human Interface Solutions with Instinct

Instinct Touch Technology

Instinct Touch Technology is a system that combines Instinct gesture recognition software with a multi-touch interface device to provide an intuitive human interface control solution for OEM equipment. The system allows a user to perform a robust set of commands for navigation, search, menu selection, image manipulation and many other functions.
The latest control innovation from Grayhill, Instinct Touch Technology allows equipment users to control and manipulate 2D and 3D images in real time. This touch control system employs multi-touch devices that read finger gestures. The Instinct software suite contains tools to track touchpoint data and interpret it as gestures, ready to be passed to the user's application software.

T1 Multi-Touch Ring Encoder (MTRE)
The Multi-Touch Ring Encoder features a 50mm diameter surface that tracks multiple touch positions. Tracked touch-point data is sent from the device via USB to the system using "Instinct software" for interpretation. For mechanical control, a ring encoder encircles the touch pad and the entire knob can be pressed. The rotary function allows the user to scroll through options and the push button selects the desired setting. Implementing the MTRE eliminates the need for additional devices such as joysticks, touch pads and trackballs. This results in a compact and intuitive user interface.

T2 Multi-Touch Control Wheel (MTCW)
The Multi-Touch Control Wheel combines a touch pad with a circular groove that functions as a virtual rotary encoder. Gestures are read on the 70mm touch pad while running a finger around the groove produces incremental encoder output. North, South, East and West points in the groove function as a virtual joystick, allowing the user to navigate through on-screen menus. The entire device is sealed against liquids and dirt, making it easy to clean and disinfect.

Instinct Software Development Kit (SDK)
The Instinct SDK gives users the freedom to not only imagine revolutionary new products, but also the capability to get those new products to market quickly and cost-effectively. The development kit provides the user with a common development platform for prototyping and evaluating different solutions. In addition, the kit gives several example projects with step-by-step instructions. The kit is available Mandeno Electronic Equipment Ltd.
A demo kit and detailed information is available.
Please contact Hassan Hamidi, Ph +649 630 7871

AUG 2013

Grayhill Series 77, a miniature rotary switch, enviromentally sealed, MIL spec.

Grayhill, Inc. have introduced a small, sealed rotary switch, the Grayhill Series 77. This compact rotary switch requires less than a quarter inch (6.35mm) behind panel, making it ideal for handheld devices. Further, its MIL-rated resistance to moisture, sand and dust indicates suitability for harsh, outdoor environments.

Military handheld radios, night vision goggles and laser aiming devices all require rotary switches to select settings. Because the typical soldier carries more than one of these devices, size is an important consideration. The Grayhill Series 77 rotary switch will fit on almost any device. Its diameter is only 0.5 inches and it requires just 0.18 inches of clearance; the smallest rotary available with this level of seal.

These devices are carried through some of the harshest environments from driving rain to swirling dust storms. Because of this, the environmental seal is almost more important than the size. An unsealed switch would quickly lead to a malfunctioning device. Grayhill’s 77 Series rotary switches have endured rigorous testing to confirm they meet military specified standards for resistance to moisture, salt spray, underwater immersion, sand and dust.

The 77 Series is available with or without a process seal or a shaft and panel seal. It can switch up to 10 positions in single pole configuration or up to 5 positions in a double pole configuration. The 77 Series can be ordered with continuous rotation or a fixed stop. The contacts are non-shorting, wiping contacts.

Grayhill can customize the 77 Series to meet unique electrical or environmental requirements. Modifications can be made to achieve different cycles of operation, currents, temperature ranges or atmospheric pressure conditions.

AUG 2013

Sensor Developments Torque Solutions

Stepper Motor Torque Flange [ Project Code 01343 ]

This unique reaction torque sensor was originally designed to replace the stepper motor mounting plate in an automated assembly machine. No other modifications to the existing mechanism was required when adding this torque motor flange.
The sensor serves a dual role.
Firstly, it allows the motor to be mounted properly in the existing manufacturing equipment. Secondly, by creating a torque sensing structure within the confines of the plate, it can provide a continuous torque feedback to the motor control module with its integrated high level analog output.

This is a concept that will work with a wide range of motors where an in-line or pulley torque sensor isn’t a viable option due to space limitations. The motor housing must be free to react against the torque sensor in order for this approach to work.

Sensor Developments designs and builds many custom and customizable TORQUE sensor suitable for one off solutions and mass production solutions. Please send details of your TORQUE measurement requirements for evaluation by our engineering staff.

Motor Mounting Plate to be replace by torque plate

Torque Plate.

Remove and existing mounting plate

Mounting the torque plate

Typical specification for the torque as shown above.
Capacity............................................................... 200in-oz
Overload capacity.............................................. 500% of F.S.
Output at F.S.............................................. +/-10V (amplified)
Non-linearity.................................................. < 1.00% of F.S.
Hysteresis..................................................... < 1.00% of F.S.
Zero balance..................................................... 1.00% of F.S.
Useable temperature........................................... 32 to +158°F
Temperature effect on zero............................. 0.002% of F.S./°F
Temperature effect on span............................ 0.002% of Rdg./°F
Material ................................................................ Aluminum

APR 2013

SIKO WV42HD, A new heavy duty, absolute rotary encoder.

SIKO innovation has provided a very wide range of users with a rugged new rotary encoder, loaded with practical features.

The design team considered the expanding application fields for accurate rotary measurements and packaged the new WV42HD series with technical, environmental and user friendly features. SIKO designed the WV42HD for heavy industries such as marine, solar arrays, wind farms, mining, forestry, contracting and farming machinery, while maintaining full compatibility with the requirements of its tradition machinery manufacturers.

A 42mm diameter, high quality stainless steel case, sealed to IP69K makes the WV42HD series a perfect choice for reliable measurements under extreme environmental conditions where fluctuating temperatures, high humidity, gases and aggressive media may be present. (Salt Spray test according to DIN EN ISO9227 > 240 hours.) An offset axial M12 interface connector, matched to “Phoenix Contact” moulded leads, completes the sealed system.

Shaft is supported by robust ball bearings allowing continuous shaft load rating of 270N, intermittent shaft load rating of 300N, to ensure shock and vibration do not compromise the measurement accuracy or life expectancy.

The innovative technical achievements are based on SIKO’s accurate absolute magnetic encoding.

This battery free, non-contact, absolute positioning works very well in rugged applications over temperatures from -40°C to +85°C. The series includes a single (1) turn and multi turn (65536) models. Via the programming pins, the user can set the analogue span between 22.5° (min) and 360° * 65536 degrees (max). The output options include CANopen and SSI digital interfaces and traditional 4-20mA and 0-10Vdc.

The WV42HD series is in production with a 2-3 weeks lead time ex-factory.


  • High flexibility :
  • Different interfaces: CANopen, SSI, analogue
  • User programmable analogue span
  • Heavy duty design in stainless steel:
  • High shaft load rating up to 300N
  • IP68, IP69K protection rating
  • Resistance to acid and salt spray
  • Protection against strong magnetic fields
  • Absolute, battery-free measuring principle:
  • Due to the absolute, battery-free measuring principle based on the Wiegand effect, the WV42HD does not require a battery to store the actual position value.
SIKO WV42HD absolute encoder