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Welcome to Mandeno Electronics (2015) Ltd.

last updated: 01/04/2016

Colortrac introduces the SmartLF Scan!  Just click the image to read more!

The world's first transportable wide format scanner available in 24" and 36" scan widths

Click on the image to transfer to the SmartLF SG web page  

SmartLF SG wins Large Format Scanner of the year 2015

SGIA, the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association, has selected the SmartLF SG as their Large Format Scanner of the Year.
As an association dedicated to graphics imaging, SGIA knows first-hand what is important to the graphics industry.

  • Vibrant, accurate color reproduction
  • Brilliant illumination
  • Widths to suit the work at hand
  • Easy thick media handling
  • High productivity

SmartLF SG excels in all these areas and we are delighted that SGIA recognize this ground-breaking product as their first ever Large Format Scanner of the Year.


Searchable Catalogues on this web site

Computer Peripherals

Specialised peripherals for Councils, Engineers and Architects, Quantity surveyors, Copy shops, Signwriters etc.
Our range includes wide format document scanners, digitizers and costing systems, long life SIGN shop equipment.

Sensors and Instrumentation

System products for 4 key markets:

  • Machine safety systems for upgrading plant and for OEM machinery makers.
  • Vehicle Management Sytems including CANBus sensors, keypads and display screens for off road vehicles and marine vessels. Our services in custom KeyPAD engraving.
  • VGA display drivers for large screen industrial and consumer applications.
  • A catalogue of items designed for MEDICAL Electronics.

Sensors and Sensor Instrumentation

For factories, researchers and field engineers we carry a wide range of ready to use measuring sensors, transducers and associated instrumentation. If you want to make a measurement there is a good chance we have already made it for another customer and if not, we will search for a solution that suits you.

OEM Sensors and Components

For manufacturers we offer a forever expanding range of essential production items including OEM sensors, switches, knobs, DC solenoids, reed switches. Many items are stocked and available for scheduled deliveries.

OEM Sensors generally require a housing and application specific electronic circuitry.
Sensors listed under "Sensors and Instrumentation" are packaged and ready to use with industry standardised outputs or user programmable outputs.

Alligator Technologies

Alligator Technologies USBPGF-S1Sensors often provide more data bandwidth than required to analyse a particular feature of interest. Filtering out unwanted information is often challenging and difficult to define at the beginning of a project. Programmable filters allow users to investigate and to optimise a filter characteristic.
Alligator Technologies Instrumentation Amplifiers and programmable filter products provide a flexible solution. With the sharp rise in Laptop use we envisage many customers with find the new USBPGF-S1, a single channel USB 2.0 programmable Anti-Alias Low-Pass Filter and Instrumentation Amplifier a useful product. Other filter options include PC_Bus amplifier and filter systems and PC data acquisition software.

Please click this link to view the USBPGF-S1 on our web site.
Please click this link to make an email query. Do add your contact details to the email!

Sensor Instruments

The Genius in laser sensing and instrumentationClick this panel and visit Sensor Instruments technical web site

SNT Sensortechnik AG

Includes models with ATEX qualificationClick this panel and visit SNT's technical web site

News and new products

PC Upgrade advice for COLORTRAC users.
COLORTRAC Windows 10 support PDF
View our latest products on the NEWS page
Open SNT Sensortechnik AG Ultrasonic Sensors application catalogue (850K, PDF File)

Do you make or use hydraulic cylinders?

The unique NEW SIKO SGH10 provides direct stroke measurement for standard and telescopic hydraulic cylinders.

Hydraulics cylinders used on off road vehicles for agriculture, forestry and construction, for municipal vehicles, for yachts and other craft can benefit from more intelligent sensors.
Accurately recording paths and angles is an integral component of intelligent operating concepts and functions.
Programmers, using information provided by intelligent sensors, can improve the performance and efficiency of mobile machines, allowing work processes to be automated and thereby potentially relieving machine operators of repetitive tasks

This is precisely why both machine and sensor manufacturers seek new innovations in stroke measurement for hydraulic cylinders.
SIKO GmbH developed the SGH10 measurement system following close collaboration and dialog with customers.

The SGH10 wire-actuated encoder directly measures the absolute cylinder stroke from inside the hydraulic cylinder. Installation is cost-effective as drilling the piston is no longer required thanks to the installation technique.
Output signals are compatible with traditional analogue and with CANopen systems.

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