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Computer Peripherals

CZUR Book and Document Scanners

Colortrac  wide - format scanners.

CZUR  digitizers and estimating tools.

Each supplier manufactures portable products.

Book Scanners, Cameras, Projectors. ::: 
CZUR book scanners provide an easy and efficient way to create good quality scans of books and other documents. With cloud based storage scans can be readily shared with users sharing the CZUR Cloud LOGIN.
Export scans as JPG, PDF, Searchable PDF, Word, Excel, and TIFF single page images and MJPG multi-page videos.
CZUR Video cameras provide better options for online interactions.
CZUR Video Projectors are brilliant options for presentations and online video conferences.

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Book Scanners - Professional Range, Scanners - Home and Office range, Video Cameras, Halo and Fancy, Video Projector.

Wide Format Scanners ::: 
Wide-format engineering scanners, 25" 36" 44" and 56", for CAD, GIS, Graphics and scan-to-print applications.

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Colortrac SmartLF Scan!, Colortrac MFP series, Colortrac SmartLF SG Series, Colortrac SmartLF SC Xpress series, Colortrac SmartLF GX+T56 series, Scanner Software, Scanner Accessories+Parts, Pre-Loved scanners.

3D Scanners ::: 
3D scanners are an invaluable tool for transferring the dimensions of real world 3 dimensional objects in CAD and machining.
We are offering at the smaller end of the market but also interested to discuss all classes of 3D scanner with prospective clients

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Rotating Plinth Scanners.

Digitizers & Estimating Systems ::: 
Small-format digitizers for graphic arts, CAD design.
Large-format digitizers for GIS mapping, CAD and fabric design.
LED low power surface backlights.
Portable digitizers and Estimating tools.
Programmable Touch menus for CAD and general office applications.

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Small format, Large format, Parts other.

Consumables ::: 
Roll and sheet inkjet paper media.

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