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Weigland Wire Energy Harvesting components

POSITAL’s Wiegand assemblies offer a compact and efficient way of harvesting power for electronic circuits in electromechanical devices, eliminating the need for backup batteries.

The operating principle of POSITAL’s Wiegand modules is simple. A “Wiegand wire” is a short length of specially prepared Vicalloy (vanadium-iron-cobalt) wire. When exposed to a changing external magnetic field (e.g. a nearby permanent magnet mounted on a rotating shaft) the Wiegand wire will initially retain its original magnetic polarity, and then abruptly ‘flip’ its polarity when the change to the external magnetic field reaches a certain threshold. This sudden change in the magnetic state of the core induces a current pulse in a copper coil wound around the Vicalloy core. This current pulse is very short-lived, but the energy harvested from the mechanical movement of the magnet can be captured and used to activate a low-power electronic circuit. An important feature of the Wiegand effect
is that the amount of electric power generated with each reversal of the magnetic polarization is constant and completely independent of the rate of change of the external magnetic field, even if this happens very slowly. POSITAL Wiegand modules have been used to reliably power rotation counters in tens of millions of devices, including multi-turn rotary encoders, gas and water meters.

  • Production Since 1974 – Started by John R. Wiegand
  • Proven In Encoders & Water Meters Since > 10 Years
  • Used In Access Cards For > 30 Years
  • Power Supply For Future IoT Applications
  • High Energy Output of ~170 nJ

SIKO Automation

SIKO expands AP series with AP20 and AP20S models

Electronic position indicator AP20

Absolute spindle adjustments, integrated Industrial Ethernet interface

SIKO advance the capability of AP series by introducing new BUS interface options.
Absolute indicator with Industrial Ethernet interface which enables process-capable and intuitive positioning for manual machine adjustments. The display and evaluation of target and actual values ensures monitored format adjustment.

Profile AP20:

  • Integrated Industrial-Ethernet-Fieldbus
  • Backlit two-row LCD
  • Display of target and actual value displays with integrated alignment
  • Stainless-steel hollow shaft ř20 mm, up to ř25.4 mm as an option
  • Robust sensor technology unit thanks to magnetic scanning
  • User guidance through status LEDs
  • IP53 type of protection, IP65 as an option

Electronic position indicator AP20S

Absolute linear adjustments, integrated Industrial Ethernet interface

click and open flyerAbsolute indicator with Industrial Ethernet interface which enables process-capable and intuitive positioning for manual linear or slider adjustments. The display and evaluation of target and actual values ensures monitored format adjustment.

Profile AP20S:

  • Electronic position indicator with plug connection for magnetic sensor
  • Integrated Industrial-Ethernet-
  • Backlit two-row LCD
  • Display of target and actual value displays with integrated alignment
  • Display accuracy up to 0.01 mm
  • Absolute function via internal backup
  • Robust sensor technology unit thanks to magnetic scanning
  • User guidance through status LEDs
  • IP53 type of protection, IP65 as an option

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Feb 2018

Automotive Sensor Review

MiMo Rooftop Antenna without GPS 1-2823591-1

MiMO Rooftop Aerials for trains, buses, trucks and trams

Incorporating two elements operating wideband across all frequencies from 698MHz to 6000MHz the MiMo Rooftop Antenna range is versatile and future proof. The MiMo series has two DC grounded radiating elements, in versions with a GPS module it is protected by an integrated gas discharge surge arrester. Housed in a high impact, flame retardant Polycarbonate housing, the MiMo Rooftop Antenna is weatherproof and environmentally sealed to IP67, ensuring that the antenna's performance is never compromised.

MiMo Rooftop Antenna without GPS 1-2823591-1
MiMo Rooftop Antenna with GPS 1-2823592-1

TE Internal Number: CAT-ATS0001

Automotive Brake Sensor

Industry: Automotive
Application: Start-Stop System
Functions: Measuring pressure of brake booster
Technology: MEMS
• Operating Voltage: 5V (4.5 - 5.5 V)
• Operating Temperature: -40 to +150° C
• Operating Pressure Range: ± 1.05 bar (programmable)
• Analog or Digital (SENT) output
• Burst Pressure: 5 Bar

Pressure Sensors

Automotive Vehicle Sensor

The M7100 pressure transducer offers good price / performance / features standard for demanding engine and vehicle, HVACR, and industrial applications.

Sensor Type  Industrial Pressure Transducers
Pressure Range  0 – 150 to 10000 psi
Pressure (bar) 10, 14, 20, 30, 35, 50, 70, 100, 200, 350, 500, 700
Pressure (psi) 150, 200, 300, 500, 750, 1000, 1500, 3000, 5000, 7500, 10000
Output/Span  .5 – 4.5 V Ratiometric, 1 – 5 V
Type  Gage

Measurement Specialties: M7100
TE Internal Number: CAT-PTT0014

Dec 2014

Wireless Tilt Systems

Sherborne Wireless Tilt Sensor.  Phone for pricing.Sherborne Sensors Wireless Tilt System (WTS) is designed to provide surveyors, geotechnical specialists and structural engineers with a complete measurement solution, without the cost, impracticality and system installation times of traditional wired methods. The WTS is a flexible, all weather, radio telemetry system that delivers highly accurate, remote angle, measurement data.

The WTS uses an advanced MEMS sensor to ensure high accuracy and maximum reliability. The multi-channel and distortion-free digital two-way telemetry system has a wireless range of up to 330ft (100m), 18 bit resolution and long battery life. Its robust design will ensure precision operation over many years in the most demanding environments.

Highway agencies, bridge and civil structure owners spend large revenues assessing structural health by visual or other types of consuming inspection methods of bolted and welded joints, together with other vital structural elements. Obtaining multiple readings to monitoring the entire structure can be costly and labour intensive. Using the WTS Wireless Tilt System, a single structure can be fitted with low power WTS Inclinometers at strategic points, thus helping to determine where weak points may be and when maintenance is required.

Furthermore, the WTS can be used to verify design calculations during the manufacture of new structures, providing valuable data for refining computer aided modelling of structural behaviour. A variety of complementary base stations and PC or hand-held data acquisition modules are available to deliver a complete measurement solution configurable to any type of structural health monitoring application. Contact us to find out more about how the WTS can support your business.

A320 low range accelerometers  Details phone Hassan 09 630 7871The A320 Series and A320L Series are high precision, servo balance ultra-low range accelerometers available in single and multi-axis configurations. They can be used in commercial, industrial, military and aerospace applications – from geophysical, seismic and civil engineering studies, to flight test monitoring and low acceleration analysis.

Individual models are available down to ±0.1g full scale, with full range outputs of ±5Vdc or 4 to 20mA. Despite their low measuring range, the A320 and A320L Series sensors are extremely robust and highly resistant to mechanical shock. Sealed to IP65, they are housed in an aluminium corrosion-resistant casing and will withstand 1500g shock events, and operate reliably in temperatures ranging from -18°C to 70°C without significant degradation in performance. Electrical termination options are either a 6-pin, bayonet lock connector, or solder pins.

The A320 Series offers customers the ability to accurately measure ultra-low g events with a device that upholds the same high levels of performance and robustness as other Sherborne Sensor products. It complements our current accelerometer product line, and was developed as a standard product offering in response to customer demand.

July 2014

World Magnetics


Aircraft qualty pressure switchesWorld Magnetics has increased its range of pressure, vacuum and differential pressure switch products to include the VEP - Value Engineered Products aerospace series. Offering low pressure set points and high proof pressure, this series is ideal for aircraft applications such as landing gear and brake systems. Also available in a Low pressure differential and dual differential pressure model, these switches can be used for air speed and air flow detection when reliability and safety is paramount.

With a wide range of pressure ports and electrical connectors available, this series can be designed to meet most customers' specifications. Many of the switches in the series can be manufactured in Stainless steel allowing them to meet the FAA 15 minute flame test requirements.

This latest addition to the World Magnetics group compliments the existing product ranges which include the DesignFlex ultra sensitive pressure, vacuum and differential pressure switches as well as the Dietz industrial pressure switches.

The DesignFlex switches are available in a wide variety of housing, mounting, porting, diaphragm, and set point configurations covering a pressure range from 0.1” H2O to 50” H2O (0.25 to 125mbar). Application specific features on certain models include field adjustable set points, factory calibrated versions for tamperproof use and full military spec versions. The range is characterized by exceptionally long working life and extremely high reliability. Dietz air pressure switches are aimed at heavy industrial and extreme environmental uses. With a range of 0.05" to 40" H2O, the 170D model is an ultra-low differential pressure switch for applications such as trains, ships and construction equipment where shock and vibration resistance is of paramount importance. Dietz also produces an ultra sensitive pressure switch for extreme environment forced air systems, filters, blowers, and exhaust fans up to 2500 fpm.
World Magentics products are engineered and crafted at our global manufacturing facility and world headquarters located in Traverse City, Michigan, USA. Our passionate customer focus and complete end-to-end manufacturing capabilities provide many customer benefits, including simplified custom engineering; quick service; and high-quality, durable product solutions.
For further information please contact: hassan@mandeno.co.nz