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OEM Sensors And Components :: Switches :: Rotary Optical Encoders :: Grayhill 62 Series
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Series 62V optical encoder for 32 positions

Grayhill Series 62 1/2" package, for 3.3 Vdc input, with detent, 11.25° or 32 positions, with push button, 020 " cable length, Connector; 0.050" centres

Order Code: 62V11-02-020C
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Supplier:Grayhill Inc

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Grayhill Series 62. A low cost professional unit featuring small size and long life expectancy. These are designed for human interface and have up to 32 positions per turn. The series is based on mechanical detent, except for 62M series which employs magnet detent to ensure long life, mechanically silent operation.
• Series 62A, 62V, 62D compact 1/2in package, optional push button.
• Series 62AG compact 1/2in package, optional push button, lower cost.
• Series 62B compact 17.5mm round package, push or pull to turn high torque shaft.
• Series 62C compact 1/2in package, concentric shaft
• Series 62F compact 1/2in package, lighted shaft
• Series 62H compact 1/2in package, concentric shaft, high torque
• Series 62HN compact 1/2in package, high torque, non turn concentric shaft
• Series 62HR high torque, redundant output
• Series 62HS high torque, low depth, optional pushbutton
• Series 62M 1" round package, magnetic detent, smooth, quiet, long life
• Series 62N compact 1/2in, non turning concentric shaft.
• Series 62P compact 16.4mm PCB mount package, consumer products, white-wear etc.
• Series 62R compact 1/2in package, redundant circuitry.
• Series 62S compact 1/2in package, low profile and economical cost.
Note: Unit prices are high. Please seek a quotation for volume prices.