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Series NPH-8 pressure sensor for 100KPa, PCB Package

NovaSensor Series NPH-8 sensor pressure, 100kPa (15psia), Absolute, Hybrid substrate

Order Code: NPH-8-100-AH
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NovaSensor NPH Series includes low and medium pressure series, 6 pressure ranges from 2.5kPa to 700kPa.
The Series is housed in TO-8 metal package that is PCB mountable. VLSI and micromachining have been used to ion implant piezoresistive strain gauges into a wheatstone bridge that is integrally formed on a micromachined silicon diaphram. Laser trimmed thick film networks on a ceramic substrate provide temperature compensation.
• Solid State reliability
• Low Cost, small PCB footprint
• Available in Absolute, Gauge, and Differential pressure versions.
• Media compatible with non-corrosive gases and dry-air
• nominal 100mV output signal