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VGA-232 custom model for belt weighing

DesignTools VGA-232-DIN Rail case, formatted data+clk, 6-9Vdc, 38400 baud, 1pc / carton, customised operation from
CHI MEI CB900 belt weighing indicator.

Order Code: VGA-232-CB900K
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Supplier:Mandeno Electronics (2015) Ltd

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  • VGA-232 - DesignTools VGA232 for customised applications


Customised models provide convenient large screen display of the process under review.
We have the following options to hand:

a) CHI MEI CB900K belt weighing controller outputs two RS232 signals. The CB900K MENU provides a selection of flow rate, speed, total, weight or tare weight.
Our VGA 232 board adds descriptive character information to the selected output and displays the digital value.
For example:
Display of the flow rate value and total.

b) Timer:
The system can provide large screen, 32bit resolution display of lapsed time.
eg: time interval between two sequential edges. -/-
time interval between a rising and falling edge -|- -|-
maximum resolution is 40nS

c) 6 channel 4-20mA current measurement.
Using a VGA display in PORTRAIT mode this system displays
2 line Text Header block
6 4-20mA, 16 bit inputs with high update rate.
Each bit includes 1 line for character display of process name and unit, 1 line divided between two colour bar chart and 5 digit display.
The bar chart can be coded to change colour if maximum and minimum pre-set values are exceeded.