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VGA i Vision 4-20mA large screen display

DesignTools VGA Display controller for displaying a Header and 6 4-20mA signals with 16bit resolution, using up to 16 primary colours, with description line (e.g. input source and measuring units) and value line, 5 digits and bar chart in various format

Order Code: VGA i VISION
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Min. Order:1
Supplier:Mandeno Electronics (2015) Ltd

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  • VGA-232 - DesignTools VGA232 for customised applications


Technical Data

Product NameVGA i VISION Series
System ComponentsVGA i VISION controller in DIN case
VGA i VISION set up software for PC
VGA i VISION cable set
VGA Display FormatPortrait mode
Size: reguarly tested on VGA monitors 5" to 40" diagonal
VGA DisplayVGA monitor supplied or purchased locally
Recommended resolution = 800x600 minimum
1) CRT monitor with VGA 15 pin input
2) LCD monitor with VGA 15 pin input
3) Large screen TV with VGA 15 pin input
Power Supply24Vdc @400mA
regulated or 24Vdc ±10%
Input6 inputs of 4-20mA
Display Scalevia software input
eg 4mA display as 0 units, 20mA display as 6025 units
Display Description via 36 characters (x2h) via software entry
e.g. Dosage Pump 4668 @ flow rate L/min
Display Bar Graph 3 display modes of 4-20mA input
1) Black background, colour bar changing length with input
2) Colour background, colour slider moving with input
3) Two colour background, colour slider moving with input, background colour changes outside preset limits
Sampling Rate Yes
Resolution16 bit
Temperature Range -10°C to 65°C
Accuracy0.075% of reading
Packing 1 unit per box
4 units per carton
10 units per carton

January 2013