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Sensors & Instrumentation :: Acceleration :: Servo Accelerometers :: Sherborne A215 & A220 Series
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Sherborne A215 accelerometer for ±10g

Sherborne A200 series servo accelerometer, miniature case version, with pins, for ±10g

Order Code: A215-0001-±10g
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Supplier:Sherborne Sensors Ltd

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Sherborne A200 series housed in miniature or standard servo cases.
The Sherborne Sensors’ A200 range of Servo Accelerometers measure vector acceleration with high accuracy using a closed loop force balance torquer mechanism. A pendulous mass develops a torque proportional to the product of its mass unbalance and the applied acceleration. The movement of the mass is detected by a position sensor whose output signal is connected to a servo amplifier. The resulting current is fed into the torque motor which then develops a torque exactly equal to, but directly opposed to the initial torque from the pendulous mass. The mass then stops moving, assuming a position minutely differing from it’s initial zero ‘g’ position. Simultaneously, the current to the torque motor is fed through a stable resistor to provide an output voltage proportional to the applied acceleration. The system is electronically damped by means of a phase advancing network within the integrated servo amplifier. By adjusting the parameters of the servo amplifier and related electronic networks, the operating characteristics of a servo accelerometer can be optimised to suit a particular application.


  • Available in ranges from ±1g to ± 20g
  • High resolution down to 0.05 mg
  • Closed loop force balance system
  • Flight qualified versions available
  • Self-Test facility
  • DC Input – DC Output
  • Manufactured to AS9100C and ISO 9001:2008 standards
  • 1g bias option to compensate for earth’s gravity (A220 only)

Application ideas:
  • Flight test monitoring
  • Accident data collection
  • Structural health monitoring
  • Flight simulators
  • Braking control in mass transit systems
  • Road bed analysis
  • Data acquisition systems
  • Low frequency analysis