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Crossbow MEMS accelerometer for ±10g, DC-100Hz, z-axis

Order Code: CXL10LP1Z
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Supplier:Crossbow Inc

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July 2007: The LP Series accelerometers are low cost, general purpose, linear acceleration and/or vibration sensors available in ranges of ±4g, ±10g, and ±25g.

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The LP Series is a family of single and tri-axial low-power, DC response, general purpose accelerometers available in measurement ranges of +/- 4, 10, 25, 50, and 100 g. Common applications include vibration analysis, automotive testing, instrumentation, and equipment monitoring. The LP series replaces the ""M"" Series. Plastic (nylon) and metal housings are available.
• -R Voltage regulator for 8 to 30Vdc input. (not available with -D option)
• -AL Higher Temperature Aluminum housing
• -D digital calibration EEPROM (DigiCal Option)