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360° Digital Protractor

PRO 3600 with clear LCD, high accuracy display, a measuring range of 360 degrees and maximum resolution of 0.01°. Supplied in a solid carry-case, with RS232 interface.

Order Code: PRO-3600
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Supplier:Macklanburg Duncan

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Description of PDF file:
PRO 3600 data sheet


The PRO 3600 is your essential angle reference.
So fast and easy to use you will wonder why you didn't buy one years ago. Alternate zero angle and hold buttons just add to the convenience of fast angle setting.
A PRO 3600 uses an innovative liquid filled angle sensor with fast settling time. As the protractor moves the liquid settles to a new position, resulting in changes to the electrical properties of the sensor. A microprocessor analyses the changes and calculates the number for the display. An RS-232 compatible digital output will interface to computers, data loggers and ASCII printers.
The PRO 3600 provides improved accuracy, high resolution and simple operation.
The Aluminum base is grooved to facilitate use with round objects such as drive shafts.

Calibration technology used within the PRO 360 and 3600 allows the user to recalibrate.

Typical applications
:: Pool table setup
:: Drive shaft alignment in trucks and boats
:: Flap setting in aircraft
:: Aerofoil alignment
:: Wheel retraction in aircraft
:: Building setup, roof angles
:: Drainage angles
:: Road angles, runoff slopes
:: Grader and tractor work alignment
:: Machinery levels
:: Angle recording via RS232.

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