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OEM Sensors And Components - Switches

TACT, Rotary, Mechanical encoder, Optical encoders for hand and machine applications, Pushbutton, PB reed, Toggle, Slide, Limit, Keylock, Keypad, Reed.

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Tact Switches ::: 
Available loose pack, tubes and tape and reel, and in a number of buttom heights. SMD and PCB types available.

Pushbutton ::: 
A wide range of pushbutton switches including butt contact and wiping types.
We have low cost products through to professional quality products from a range of suppliers.

Microswitches ::: 
A range of miniature microswitches suitable for monitoring position within electromechnical equipment.

Keyboards - standard & modular ::: 
A range of keyboards including:
• Standard membrane keyboards
• Industrial waterproof and static proof keyboards
• Industrial backlighted waterproof and static proof keyboards
• Modular keyboards 1 to 6 buttons, 3x4 and 4x4
• Self legend keyboards

Our stock range caters for projects and small runs.
Take the 84S series. We stock the blank version of 1 button, 3x4 and 4x4 button, plus under "84S button" users can select button inserts including blank inserts and legend inserts to provide the combination of button functions required.
Volume customers can design and purchase a Grayhill manufactured custom keyboard.
The Grayhill custom keyboard brochure is available in PDF format.

Toggle ::: 
Toggle switches for electronic equipment operating below 3A@250Vac.

Joysticks ::: 
Professional quality joysticks suitable for medical and industrial applications.

Slide ::: 
General purpose and telecom grade slide switches with mainly silver terminals

Rotary mechanical - single & multi-deck ::: 
A wide range of professional and consumer grade rotary switches. A wide range of stock types available.

Special types can be factory assembled such as differing wafers, pull or push to turn and dual concentric version with potentiometer etc.

Rotary Mechanical Encoders ::: 
Encoders are growing very popular as they provided a wide range of options within small and stable packages. Grayhill single and multideck encoders provide high levels of reliability at reasonable cost.

Rotary Optical Encoders ::: 
A very useful range of rotary optical encoders including models designed for manual control and models designed for high speed machine control.

Keylock ::: 
a range of simple keylock switch plus more complex units in conjunction with quality rotary switches.

Limit ::: 
A range of long wipe pushbutton switches with over-travel, designed to function as limit switches

Thumbwheel ::: 
We have remanent ranges of ALCO thumbwheels and access to Taiway products for new designs

DIP switches ::: 
A range of Surface Mount and Thru-Hole DIP switches with a range of mechanical formats and switching options.

Rockers & Paddles ::: 
A small range of rocker and paddle switches for electronic products.