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Series name SIKO DA09S digital position indicator
SIKO DA09S digital indicator


Mounting Position A number that defines the intended mounting position and viewing window.
02 = mounted vertically and read from above
04 = mounted horizontally and read from in front
06 = mounted vertically and read from in front
07 = mounted vertically (downwards) and read from below.

view window 02
view window 04
view window 06
view window 07


Display after one revolution standard pitches are 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4 5 6 8 10
The display range is 00000 to 99999 plus a vernier of 100 div/rev
Standard Display Values, with comma position 1
0001|0; 0001|5; 0002|0; 0002|5; 0003|0;
0004|0; 0005|0; 0006|0; 0008|0; 0010|0

display after one revolution
Input 5 digits eg 00010


Comma position Comma is a vertical yellow line |
comma position 0:: display 00000
comma position 1:: display 0001|0
comma position 2:: display 001|00
comma position 3:: display 01|000
comma position 4:: display 1|0000
comma position 0 (00000)
comma position 1 (0000.0)
comma position 2 (000.00)
comma position 3 (00.000)
comma position 4 (0.0000)


Counting direction i = CW, clockwise increasing
e = CCW, counter-clockwise increasing
CCW increasing
CW increasing


Hollow shaft size Reducing sleeves purchased separately
The std DA09S hollow shaft is 20mm I.D.
Std reducing sleeves are 08, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 mm I.D.
All reducing sleeves are 20mm O.D.
Reducing sleeves are sold separate items.
All sizes listed for ordering, DA09S-RH01-08 etc.

20mm hollow shaft
standard black steel shaft
20mm SS hollow shaft
Stainless sharft, indent to order


Housing Specification Orange is the standard and our stock colour.
Black is indent only.
Gray is indent only.
White is indent only
MCM is indent only. MCM='matt chromated metal" (new 20/04/2009)
orange housing
MOQ = 1 pc
black housing
Natural black MOQ = 1 pc
gray housing
MOQ = 10 pcs
suggested for food and medical applications. MOQ = 10 pcs
natural gray, zinc die cast housing
new feature introduced 20th April 2009
adds approximately 35% to the cost. MOQ= 25 pcs


Torque pin style Type A is standard
Type B is indent only
torque pin style A
torque pin style B


Viewing window material K = plastic (standard)
M = mineral glass, which is more resistant to chemicals
plastic window
mineral glass window
indent only


Axial Seal An rubber axial sealing ring is available to be ordered as a separate item
Please order an axial seal separately as DA09S-AS
without an axial seal


Intermediate plate An intermediate plate increased the depth to the depth of the older model DA09.
Please order as separate item DA09S-ET-0001
without an intermediate plate


Gasket The Gasket is normally provided losse.
After removing the backing paper the user afixes to the digital indicator
Optionally the factory will glue a gasket.
gasket enclosed
gasket glued
indent 10 pcs MOQ


Count direction arrows An option showing users increasing and decreasing count direction.
e = + <----> -
i = - <----> +
without direction arrows
plus / minus
"e" counter clock wise increasing
minus / plus
"i" clock wise increasing