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RRE manufacture a range of SMD, and PCB mountable reed sensors in normally-open, normally closed, and latching forms. The SMD versions are supplied in tapes conforming to IEC 60286-3 standards, for automatic pick and place, and can be used in assemblies where all the components are SMD. For environmental reasons, the leads are plated with pure Tin, which is Lead free.

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 RRE R3-G Series

RRE R3-G Series
R3 Miniature SMD Reed Sensor
Does not require power for operation
Normally open (NO) form A contact
Omni-polar device; actuates with either pole of magnet
Three types of lead configurations
Three magnetic sensitivity bands
Molded with internal blades parallel to SMD feet
Packed in tape and reels conforming to IEC-60286-3 norms
Tin plated leads (Lead free)

These miniature SMD reed sensors are designed for low power, high speed switching applications, and have a cost advantage over the standard size SMD reed sensor. As they are molded with pre-flattened lead outs, no shock is transferred into the device when SMD formation takes place. Various activating distances are available depending on the magnet and the AT band used. The sensors are tested 100% for operate and release AT, contact resistance and variable contact resistance before packing. Our products are completely Lead-free and conform to the RoHS directive.
1.R3S-2G ... [more details]
RRE R3-S series reed sensor with operating AT band of 10-15.