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Sensors & Instrumentation-Rotary Position

A range of Rotary Position Sensors in various technologies to measure shaft angles and position, shaft speed and rotational elements.
Several non-contact products feature very long life expectancy.
DG10H tacho generator ... [ read more ]
GMW Tacho Generator with 10Vac output at 1000 RPM. This unit is made by Gossen, Muller & Weigertt
Order code: DG 10 H
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Mandeno Electronics (2015) Ltd

Sensors & Instrumentation-Tilt & Inclination

Gravity referenced sensors:
Single and Dual axis tilt, 360 degree tilt, Silicon and mechanical 1, 2, 3-axis.
Associated software where applicable.
ZC Sensor two axis general purpose tilt switch ... [ read more ]
ZC Sensor 2 axis programmable tilt switch complete with programming software (emailed) and outputs for +x; -X; +Y; -Y.
Order code: ZCT245-FDA I
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Mandeno Electronics (2015) Ltd
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