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Multiple keywords should be separated by a comma.
example: For term wide format, scanner the search engine will perform searches on keyword term wide format and keyword scanner separately.

Our search engine does not support terms enclosed in quotes or brackets. The search is not case sensitive.

The Search engine looks through several database fields and the order code field. You may elect to limit the search to the order code field.
Your Keyword(s) can be located within the description of products and therefore might not be immediately visible in resulting list.

Before using Keyword searches, we recommend you click reset to search the entire data base or limit the search by selecting a catalogue.

In the case you search all catalogues using the keyword term eg EPROM Programmer, and 0 records are returned, the search engine will automatically insert a comma between each word in a keyword term and search again.

example: EPROM programmer will return 0 results (The expression searched is EPROM, EEPROM and PLD programmers).
The search engine automatically inserts a comma, searches each catalogue for keyword EPROM and keyword programmer and will return a useable result.