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Sensors & Instrumentation-Proximity Sensors-Magnetic Proximity Sensors-MD2002 Series

Magnetic proximity sensors are characterized by the possibility of large switching distances, available from sensors with small dimensions. They detect a magnetic object (usually a permanent magnet), which are used to trigger the switching process. As the magnetic fields are able to pass through many non-magnetic materials, the switching process can also be triggered without the need for direct exposure to the target object. By using magnetic conductors (e.g., iron), the magnetic field can be transmitted over greater distances so that, for example, the signal can be carried away from high temperature areas.
BEE 7071 series ... [ read more ]
BEE INSTRUMENTS magnetic proximity switch, MD2002 case, normally open (NO), 5Vdc supply, 50mA load current 1.5mm sensing distance, Nickel plated brass tube, M10x65 case, Flush type, 3 core teflon 2m cable-19/40, -5°C to +150°C, IP67.
Order code: BEE7071-NO-D2-BF10
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