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Privacy Policy
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Privacy Policy

Mandeno Electronics (2015) Ltd., is committed to respecting your privacy. We openly inform you about the operation of this web site; of the information we can collect and its intended use.

In general, you are free to visit our web based CDS Smart Catalogues without identifying yourself or revealing Personal Information. To use the shopping cart to generate orders or quotations, or to view our technical library you must LOGIN and hence, in our terminology, you open an Account.
As an Account holder you will provide Personal Information. We appreciate your LOGIN and provide Account holders with features and benefits as detailed in our help file. There are no fees or obligations attached to being an Account holder.

Our web site is created and maintained for the commercial purpose of promoting products to willing buyers. It is intended that you, the potential buyer, can access information within your own time frame and, at the same time, obtain an idea of the features and relative prices between different products. We are intent on providing worthwhile features that encourage you to LOGIN and become an Account holder, to place orders and to request quotations via the web.

Our staff can be contacted directly by e-mail and other traditional means.

Information we can collect:
Our ISP (Internet Service Provider) logs all visits to our web site and daily provides statistics about visit time and duration, choice of operating system and browser. (Every ISP can provide this data to its customers.)
Mandeno Electronics (2015) Ltd., logs all visits to our web site and creates statistics by tracking all items viewed and all files downloaded.
If you are an anonymous user we collect information about your IP address and date and time of your visit. If you are an Account holder and did LOGIN we record the visit in your personal user area together with the number of items viewed.

Our web site originates a cookie when you use the CDS Smart Catalogue or when you LOGIN.
Our cookie is a simple coded text file that is read by our web software and we guarantee it does not and cannot perform any function within your computer.

Account holders:
Mandeno Electronics (2015) Ltd., defines Personal Information as your title, name, company name and contact and billing details.
We collect Personal Information that enables us to identify you, to make contact with you and to facilitate business transactions. You can LOGIN and access your Personal Information area at all times (our web site is live).
Payment options include Credit Cards. Users must enter their credit cards details for every payment. Credit card information is automatically deleted once your order is delivered.
When you LOGIN to add or modify your personal information our web site is secured by our ISP and https protocols.
Senior staff and your Account manager can view your Personal Information.
No staff member or web site programmer can access your LOGIN password.
Account holders can request quotations for any item manufactured by our Principals and place orders for immediate or future delivery.
Account holders can access the library of pdf product files, short form catalogues and technical information.
All your web-based commercial transactions are filed within your personal data area for up to 2 years after your last visit. You can view them all. We can view them as well.

Accuracy of Account holder information:
Mandeno Electronics (2015) Ltd encourages Account holders to LOGIN and personally update their own information.
All quotations expire after 90 days unless otherwise specified. All your quotations, both current and expired, are filed for two years after your last visit. An expired quotation can be opened by you, forwarded to our sales team and returned current for the next 90 days.

How we use information:
In a general sense, Mandeno Electronics (2015) Ltd., will use Personal Information to help build a customer relationship with you.
We will use statistical information gathered to help us understand the requirements and interests of our users.
If you are an Account holder and LOGIN we may communicate with you to help you complete a transaction or to obtain a service.
On occasions, we may contact you with new information on goods or services we feel are of interest to you. Our e-mail news messages will be concise and may include a link to our web or to one of our Principals where you can view additional details of the product or service. We may analyse visitation information and may alter our web procedures or the style of presentation.

Sharing of information:
Mandeno Electronics (2015) Ltd will not sell, lease, hire or freely share your Personal Information with others except when required by law or when communication to a Principal or business partner will assist in obtaining technical information, prices, quotations, legal documents or in making other business arrangements on your behalf.