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MS Thermopile Sensor TS118-3

MS Thermopile TS118-3, TO-18 Package; 8-14µm wide band pass filter; FOV 120° 1000±4Ů @ 0°C; TCR 6178 ±150 ppm/K

Order Code: TS118-3
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Supplier:TE Connectivity

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Dec 2010: OEM Thermopile Sensor: TO-18 Package; 8-14µm wide band pass filter; FOV 120° 1000±4Ů @ 0°C; TCR 6178 ±150 ppm/K


Pyrometers for distances longer 0.5 m, Pyrometers with large span ambient temperature, Industrial pyrometers, Climate Control

General Industry


Description: Thermopiles are mainly used for contactless temperature measurement in many applications. Their function is to transfer the heat radiation emitted from the objects into a voltage output. Major applications are appliances like microwave oven, clothes dryer, automatic cooking, medical devices like ear and forehead thermometer, automotive applications like car climate control, seat occupancy, blind spot alert, black ice detection, consumer products like printer, copier, mobile phone and many industry applications like paper web, plastic parts, etc.

• Thermopile IR-Sensor
• For contactless Temperature Measurement
• High Signal
• Uncooled
• Accurate Ni1000RTD Reference Sensor
• 8-14µm Wide Band Pass Filter