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Series NPC-1210 pressure sensor for 2.5kPa, PCB package

NovaSensor Series NPC-1210lp pressure sensor with gain set resistor, 2.5kPa, (10inches of water), Gauge, DIL leads down, long tube

Order Code: NPC-1210-10WG-3L
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NovaSensors NPC series consists of 6 families, each with several pressure ranges.
• NPC-107 disposable medical sensor:-30 to+300mmHg
• NPC-410 Lower cost, low pressure DIL
• NPC-1210 calibrated low-medium pressure DIL:5,15,30,50,100kPa
• NPC-1210lp calibrated very low pressure, 2.5, 7 kPa
• NPC-1220 calibrated low-medium pressure DIL:5,15,30,50,100 kPa
The series is characterised by the use of NovaSensor SenStable™ technology, with the sensor mounted on a ceramic substrate, intended for PCB mounting. Factory programmed gain set adjustment make for field interchangability. The sensors provide superior temperature performance over a compensated range from 0° to 60°C. Custom ranges may be available to high volume buyers.
Application Suggestions
• Industrial automation
• Air flow monitors
• Process control
• Liquid level
• Medical equipment
• Water measurement
• Underground cable leak detection