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SIKO ETC5000 LCD touch control panel, 7in (177mm) diagonal display, IP65 front panel moisture protection, RS485 / SIKONETZ5 interface / protocol, standard software.

Order Code: ECT5000-7-IP65-S3/09-S
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Supplier:SIKO GMBH

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  • SIKO AG05 - SIKO AG05 Driveline with fieldbus interface
  • SIKO AG06 - SIKO AG06 Driveline with fieldbus interface


Easy Touch Control ETC5000

The Easy Touch Control ETC5000 is the plug + play basis for a complete format adjustment system. This system product is (user) programmed to adjust the format of production machinery. It is cost effective to install the system and efficient at changing the set up required to make a different product. This setup efficiency allows companies to make to order, while eliminating setup mistakes and increasing production hours.
SIKO support three fundamental ways to make format adjustments.

  1. Fully manual adjustment using traditional (orange) SIKO mechanical spindle counters
  2. Guided manual adjustment with (ETC5000) sending target set up to AP series and receiving and checking actual setting information, which means setting mistakes are eliminated.
  3. Automated format adjustment using the ETC5000 and fieldbus DriveLine motor driven setting.
    Combinations of these three methods can also be employed.

The intuitively operated control instructions sent by the ETC5000 are designed to control up to 31 bus-compatible position indicators or actuators. Whether monitored format adjustment via digital position indicators or fully automated format adjustment via actuators –The system provides the cost effective flexibility reduce set up costs.

Profile ETC5000:
  • Control system for position indicators and actuators
  • Intuitive touch screen control concept for format adjustment
  • up to 31 devices can be actuated
  • Single or set positioning
  • RS485 and USB interfaces
  • the ETC5000 internal software support SIKONETZ5 data signals over an RS485 standard bus

Book a Demonstration

The ETC5000 with fieldbus actuators and AP series indicators is available for demonstration(ETC5000+AP10+AG03/1+AG05).
Please phone Hassan Ph 09 630 7871.

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