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Sensors & Instrumentation :: Linear Displacement :: Digital Position Indicators :: SIKO AP05, AP10, AP20 Series
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SIKO A05, with RS485 / SIKONETZ5, with 20mm diameter hollow shaft, Fixed, without an intermediate plate, with IP65 moisture protection, with industrial connector sockets, standard AP05 software.

Order Code: AP05-0003
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Min. Order:1
Supplier:SIKO GMBH

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Description of PDF file:
Electronic position indicator providing target and actual spindle position with BUS interface. Designed to provide accurate manual format changes to production machinery.

Order Code Builder :

SIKO GMBH offers user selectable variants and/or options. Dynamically build order-codes and initiate a Quotation Request.

  • SIKO AP10 Series - SIKO AP10 Electronic Digital Position Indicator for rotary measurement
  • SIKO AP10S Series - SIKO AP10S Electronic Digital Position Indicator for linear and rotary measurement
  • SIKO AP05 Series - SIKO AP05 Electronic Digital Position Indicator for rotary measurement (& AP04 replacement)


Optional items:
Lever clamping shaft plate, KPL09
Pneumatic clamping shaft plate, KP09P
Shaft reduction sleeves.
Cables and BUS terminations.

The AP05 has replaced model AP04.
Please use the order code builder to create the AP04 features required, including the last field, AP05 software compatibility.

Please phone Hassan for order codes, options and, when required, protocol conversion options from ExpertDAQ.
(Hassan ph 09 6307871).