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Sensors & Instrumentation :: Linear Displacement :: Digital Position Indicators :: SIKO AP05, AP10, AP20 Series
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AP05-RS485 / SIKONETZ5-20-A-OZP-IP53-EX-SW05

SIKO A05, with RS485 / SIKONETZ5, with 20mm diameter hollow shaft, Fixed, without an intermediate plate, with IP53 moisture protection, with industrial connector sockets, software compatible with AP04-SN5

Order Code: AP05-0001
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Supplier:SIKO GMBH

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Electronic position indicator providing target and actual spindle position with BUS interface. Designed to provide accurate manual format changes to production machinery.

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  • SIKO AP10 Series - SIKO AP10 Electronic Digital Position Indicator for rotary measurement
  • SIKO AP10S Series - SIKO AP10S Electronic Digital Position Indicator for linear and rotary measurement
  • SIKO AP05 Series - SIKO AP05 Electronic Digital Position Indicator for rotary measurement (& AP04 replacement)


This item code compatible with AP04-0002