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Computer Peripherals :: Digitizers & Estimating Systems :: Large Format :: GTCO DrawingBoard VI Series
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Drawing Board VI [36x48]

GTCO CALCOMP Drawing Board VI, 36" x 48" tablet, ± 0.010 in (±0.254mm), 16 button cordless cursor, USB and RS232 interfaces.

Order Code: DB6-36481-16L
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Min. Order:1
Supplier:GTCO Calcomp Inc

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DrawingBoard 6 digitizer features :
Designed for demanding CAD, GIS, engineering, textile and apparel applications, the DrawingBoard VI series is the design professionals choice in large-format digitizers and graphic tablets.

DrawingBoard VI systems now feature integrated USB and RS-232 Serial connections. When connected via USB, no power supply is required simplifying setup and operation.

DrawingBoard VI digitizers utilize the same Advanced Function Technology that has set the world standard for performance. Internally, these high performance tools are engineered with a state-of-the-art positioning grid to ensure reliability, performance and quality. Multiple accuracy versions are available to match specific system
requirements and an integrated mounting channel allows accessories, such as a pen tray, to be easily and quickly mounted.

DrawingBoard VI digitizers also work with a variety of cursors and stylus pens. Each pointing device offers a number of programmable buttons. By assigning specific program functions to these buttons, you’ll increase efficiency and improve production times.

Drawing Board VI small-format digitizers feature a recessed menu area, and a clear overlay that holds templates and menus in place.
When used with a menu, these tablets significantly enhance user productivity by consolidating multiple mouse selections into a single point-and-click action.

DrawingBoard VI tablets and digitizers offer unparalleled features and performance no matter what your application.

Industry’s highest resolution and accuracy

Large Format Digitizers

  • Resolution up to 12,700 lines per inch
  • Accuracy levels offered: ±0.010", ±0.005", ±0.002"

Graphic Tablets:
  • Resolution up to 2,540 lines per inch
  • Accuracy up to ±0.010 inches

Choice of pointing devices:
  • A choice of cursors and pens may be defined using the Order Code Builder:

Convenience features
  • Easy-to-install software
  • Powered via USB connection which simplifies setup
  • Integrated USB and RS-232 serial connections (RS-232 Serial requires optional power supply)
  • Wide range of compatibility with operating systems and programmes
  • Programmable macros (RS-232 only)

    Included with your Purchase
    • DrawingBoard VI digitizer or graphic tablet
    • Corded or cordless transducer (Please specify at time of purchase. The Order Code Builder :supports the choice of 1 or 2 transducers)
    • USB Cable
    • CD ROM with Windows Drivers and user’s manual
    • Pen/cursor tray for digitizer

Transducer Options
  • 16-button cursor, corded or cordless
  • 4-button cursor, corded or cordless
  • Click tip pen, corded or cordless
  • 16-button illuminated cursor for high-accuracy digitizers, corded
  • Pressure tip pen, cordless
  • Lite Touch pen, cordless

Other Options for Large Format Digitizers
  • Mounting brackets for digitizer (except model 2024)
  • Clear overlay
  • Manual lift/manual tilt pedestal
  • Magnifier lens for high-accuracy cursor
  • RS-232 Serial Kit (Power Supply and Cable)
  • LED surface mount back light (requires factory quotation.)