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ChipMax programmer for EPROM, EEPROM, FLASH, PLD

EETOOLS ChipMax eprom, eeprom, PLD and microprocessor programmer, complete with Windows Software for 95/98/98SE/NT/2000 operating systems, manual and 230Vac to 9Vdc plug pack.

Order Code: ChipMax-230
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Supplier:EE Tools

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Description of PDF file:
Description of the ChipMAX support and functions


ChipMax is a cost-effective, high quality, industrial-grade device programmer with parallel-port interface that is suitable for most programming needs without using any extraneous personal family modules.
The state-of-art hardware architecture with an on-board FPGA enables ChipMax to support high-density EPROMs, EEPROMs, Flash, PLDs, and Microcontrollers in DIP (Dual Inline Package) without adaptors.
A standard 40-pin Textool socket allows the ChipMax software to support future devices without changing the hardware circuit.
ChipMax with its small size and lightweight fit perfect inside your briefcase for travelling.
ChipMax works with IBM PC XT, AT, 386, 486, Pentium, PS/2, Portable (laptop) or compatible personal computers.
Superior software includes both DOS and Windows (95/98/NT/2000) versions giving the ChipMax a user-friendly advantage.
• EPROM 2716 - 27C080/801(8bit)
27C1000 - 27C8000 (8bit) 27C210 - 27C240 (16bit) 27C1024 - 27C4096 (16bit)
• FLASH 28Fxxx, 29Fxxx 29Wxxx, 49Fxxx
• PROM Atmel 27HCxxx, WSI 57Cxx
• MICROCONTROLLER AMD 87Cxx, Intel 87C5x, Phillips 87Cxx Atmel AT89Cxx, 89Sxx, 89LVxx Dallas 87C5xx, ISSI IS89Cxx, LG 97Cxx Microchip PIC12Cxx/16Cxx TEMIC TSC87Cxx,
• SERIAL (E)PROM 17xx, 24Cxx, 32xx, 33xx, 35xx, 59xx, 93Cxx, 94Cxx Series
• GAL Lattice/NS/ SGS GAL16V8, 20V8
TYPE: IBM PC XT, AT, 386, 486, PS/2, Pentium, portable (Laptop) or compatible. A CD drive is recommended for software installation.