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Sensors & Instrumentation :: Linear Displacement :: Digital Position Indicators :: SIKO DA09S Series
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SIKO DA09S digital indicator, view window 02, 00060 display after one revolution, comma position 1 (0000.0), CCW increasing, with 20mm hollow shaft, orange housing, torque pin style A, plastic window, without an axial seal, without an intermediate plate.

Order Code: DA09S-02-00060-1-e-RH20-O-A-K-OAD-OZP
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Min. Order:1
Supplier:SIKO GMBH

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SIKO digital indicator model DA09S with easily read display and vernier scale.
The special features are:

  • cushioned figure roller system giving long service life
  • magnifying window for improved readability
  • universally applicable with 4 viewing positions
  • mechanism protected by labyrinth box
  • DA09 = 100% exchangeable with DA09S + intermediate plate
  • special pitches (+25pcs) (but please consider programmable version!)
  • mm/inch: display of metric or imperial pitch.
    The entire value is used for internal calculation, but is not displayed. The display value and calculated numerical value are separated by “/”.
    Example: 4 mm = 0.15748 inch:
    Display value 000.15; calculated numerical value .../748. The /748 is hidden until it accumulates to be displayed. ie 1T=0.15/748; 2T=0.31/496
  • Reducing sleeves
  • Counting mechanism cover made of solvent-resistant mineral glass.
  • Stainless steel shaft(and SS reduction sleeves)
  • Axial seal (dust-tight)
  • Waterproof version.

Product marking:
DA09S-xxxx xxx

Top Line where -xxxx is a number 0001 to 9999 = short order code
Oct 2014 More than 9999 models and Alpha/Numeric code adopted ie A001
where xxx is a production batch number.
Replacing DA09S: Order as DA09S-xxxx(substitute x for numbers.)
Replacing DA09: Order as DA09S-xxxx plus DA09S-ET-0001 (spacer plate)
New orders: Use a stock order code or create using the Order Code Builder to define your requirements.

Second line refers to first part of the long product code. Refer to the data sheet or our on-line Order Code Builder.