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Sensors & Instrumentation

A wide range sensors and transducers for measuring physical parameters, available with associated instrumentation.

Linear Displacement ::: 
Laser nanometer, Please call for details
Laser micrometer, Please call for details
Wire actuators 25mm - 40m,
Magline encoded strip,
LVDT, LCIT & gauging,
Plate gauging to 20mm,
SCREW Thread positioning Counters

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Digital Position indicators, AC LVDT, DC LVDT, 4-20mA LVDT, AC & DC LVDT gauging., LVDT Accessories, LVDT Instrumentation, Magnet Rulers, MAGLINE™ Systems, Draw Wire Actuated.

Load Cells ::: 
A range of Load Cells including consumer models, specialised applications models

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Force Sensor Elements.

Proximity Sensors ::: 
Inductive:from M4 to M80 and other shapes and sizes.
With in-built resonant oscillator circuit to sense metal targets whereby an eddy current is induced that target that in turn damps the resonant oscillator.
Capacitive: from M12 to M60
Most useful for its ability to detect metallic and non-metallic objects.
Optical: M8
Infra-Red sensors may detect short and longer lengths, generally immune to visible light interference.
Magnetic: M8 and various formats
Basically reed switch type systems for sensing ferrous objects
Ultrasonic: M8
High frequency sensing operates across longer gaps with a wide range of materials. Also provides proportional capabilities useful for distance and level sensing.

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Magnetic Proximity Sensors, Inductive Proximity Sensors.

Ultrasonic Sensors ::: 
The many niche applications provide ample reason to define a separate application area. Some product are useful linear sensors while other provide reproducible position, barrier and form and shape measurement.
Markets include:

  • Machine manufacturing
  • Packaging machines
  • Factory automation (assembling machines, robots)
  • Process control (chemistry, food, construction)
  • Door automation
  • Person and animal detection
  • Vehicle detection

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Ultrasonic Material Barriers, Ultrasonic non-contact Switch.

Rotary Position ::: 
A range of Rotary Position Sensors in various technologies to measure shaft angles and position, shaft speed and rotational elements.
Several non-contact products feature very long life expectancy.

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Analogue Potentiometers, Absolute Encoders, Incremental Encoders, Magline HiRes Encoders, Rotary Tachometers, Rotary Tachometer/Generator.

Tilt & Inclination ::: 
Gravity referenced sensors:
Single and Dual axis tilt, 360 degree tilt, Silicon and mechanical 1, 2, 3-axis.
Associated software where applicable.

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Fluid filled inclinometers, MEMS Inclinometers, Servo inclinometers, Inclinometer Instruments.

Acceleration ::: 
Accelerometers manufacturered in a variety of technologies.

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MEMS Accelerometers, Servo accelerometers, Piezoresistive MEMS accelerometers.

Pressure Sensors ::: 
Analogue and digital pressure and vacuum sensors.
Also see
Catalogue: Components
Index Selection: OEM Sensors

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General Purpose, Accessories, Differential, Sub Sea Sensors.

Pressure Switches ::: 
Set point pressure and vacuum switches for low, medium and high ranges. MIL Spec units available.

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Low pressure switches, High Pressure switches, Vacuum Switches.

Flow Measurements ::: 
A range of mechanical and electronic instruments for flow measurement.

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Mass Flowmeters, Accessories.

Vacuum Measurement ::: 
A range of Instruments and sensors for vacuum measurements

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Analog Devices, Digital Devices, Accessories.

Sensor Instrumentation ::: 
This selection features instrumentation for display and control of sensor outputs. The selection includes instruments from SIKO and Binding Union.

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Display Instruments, Programmable Filters.