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OEM Sensors And Components - DC Solenoids

A complete family of DC solenoids for a wide range of applications. Product brochures and pdf files available which cover products, application notes and theory of operation.

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Open frame solenoids ::: 
This is the basic type of DC solenoid. The frame, constituting the magnetic circuit, is partially open.
The open frame solenoid is manufacturered in more than 38 standard models of large and small sizes.
Resin moulded coil models are available. The coil is completely encased with resin, improving the enviromental performance.
plungers are plated or (optionally) emarlon coated for longer life and lower friction.

Flapper Solenoids ::: 
This is the basic type of DC solenoid.
The frame, constituting the magnetic circuit, is partially open.
The flapper solenoid family consists of six models with order code format TDS-Fxxx-voltage.
A common feature is the integral coil spring used to lift the flapper with the power off.
The stroke range is 2mm to 5mm.

Silent Solenoid ::: 
With the DC solenoid, it is possible to reduce the impact sound of the attracted plunger by adding a rubber washer. The silent solenoid (TDS-S), on the other hand, has a structure without a stationary iron core.
The plunger is operated by the magnetomotive force resulting from magnetic induction when the coil is excited.

Tubular solenoids ::: 
This plunger type of solenoid features a cylindrical yoke which completely encloses the coil. Accordingly, tubular solenoids excel in dustproofness, vibration-proofness and shockproofness.
Additionally, the small external size with longer plunger design offers such advantages as long stroke, good heat dissipation, low magnetic leakage and better insulation performance.

Magnetic latching solenoids ::: 
The magnetic latching solenoid is a power-saving solenoid incorporating a permanent magnet on the magnetic circuit. Thus the plunger is pulled by the application of voltage, held there even if the voltage is turned off, and released by an application of reverse voltage.
Available for various applications:
KB type without pull-in of the plunger.
KN type with a silencing effect
KW type capable of holding the plunger on both right and left sides.

Solenoid gas valve ::: 
Incorporating Takahashi's wealth of experience with DC solenoids, TDS solenoid gas valves feature smaller sizes and even higher performance. TDS valves are used in electronic sphygmomanometers, ink jet printers, gas appliances and several other applications.

Ultimag rotary actuator ::: 
A high speed solenoid with symetrical rotation about the centre off position. Flat power curve.
Designed for over 100 million actuations.