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Sensors & Instrumentation - Linear Displacement

Laser nanometer, Please call for details
Laser micrometer, Please call for details
Wire actuators 25mm - 40m,
Magline encoded strip,
LVDT, LCIT & gauging,
Plate gauging to 20mm,
SCREW Thread positioning Counters
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Digital Position indicators ::: 
SIKO digital position indicators for spindle shafts. Both mechanical and programmable electronic versions available.

AC LVDT ::: 
This type of LVDT require AC drive electronics as provided amplifiers such as LVM110 .

AC LVDT have the advantage of lower cost,
flexible drive frequency and ability to synchronize several devices to reduce crosstalk.

DC LVDT ::: 
This type have in built electronics, providing DC in, DC out.
Easy to use and especially suitable for custom installations requiring minimum piece count.
We can provide a range of DC regulated power supplies for all requirements.

4-20mA LVDT ::: 
Models designed for 4-20mA, 2 wire current loop operation. These units are suitable for valve position indication and general industrial application. Generally suitable for adverse conditions.

AC & DC LVDT gauging. ::: 
A comprehensive range LVDT gauge head technologies for machine tool inspection and research applications. LVDT gauge heads are available in contact and non-contact configurations.

LVDT Accessories ::: 
A range of connectors, mounting blocks etc for LVDT

LVDT Instrumentation ::: 
A range of amplifiers and instrumentation for LVDT and Gauge heads.

Magnet Rulers ::: 
Magnet ruler are supplied to measure from 150mm to 3050mm with non-linearity of better than ±0.05% of FSD and very high repeatability of ±0.002%.
Since the G series was introduced only a single output is provided, the choice of voltage, current, SSi or Modbus.

MAGLINE™ Systems ::: 
The MAGLINE™ system covers several families of products:
MAGLINE™ MICRO Incremental
MAGLINE™ Basic Incremental
MAGLINE™ Basic Absolute
MAGLINE™ MagScale™

MAGLINE™ Basic Incremental includes several units with battery backup which offer quasi-absolute performance during the battery life.

MagScale™ products are designed for stop position measurement. MagScale meters are battery operated and therefore do not require any wiring.

Draw Wire Actuated ::: 
Using a wire attached to a drum, these products from various manufacturers, measure from 25mm to 40 meters. The flexible wire allows for linear measurements and an inventive range of measurements such as round the corner, circumference, angle and even 3D position.
Measuring device include
• potentiometers,
• incremental encoders,
• absolute encoders.
Output options include
• 3 wire potentiometer
• Potentiometer outputs available as voltage and 4 to 20mA.
• Incremental encoder ABx, ABI, ABO and compliment
• Absolute Gray Code
• add on boards Gray Code to analogue
4-20mA Displays
Various readout panel meters available including BU MAXI Series of BIG DIGIT readouts.