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Sensors & Instrumentation - Rotary Position

A range of Rotary Position Sensors in various technologies to measure shaft angles and position, shaft speed and rotational elements.
Several non-contact products feature very long life expectancy.
In this catalogue you can search through:

Analogue Potentiometers ::: 
A series of geared potentiometers designed to provide absolute position via an analogue output.

Absolute Encoders ::: 
A up to minute range of absolute encoders with one or multiple encoded turns, programmable features and many creative applications.
Complete catalogue on request.

Incremental Encoders ::: 
Robust, precise, versatile.
A range of incremental rotary encoders operating with optical or magnetic sensing.
Incremental pitches of a code disk are gathered by an opto-electronic or magnetic sensing units and converted into electronic pulses.
The measured output signals serve to compute the angle of rotation. Combined with matching follower electronics, angles, distances and speeds can be measured.
Styles available include:

  • Optical and Magnetic encoding.
  • Hollow shaft and shafted.
  • plugs or integrated cable output.
  • plastic and rugged metal housings.
  • 2 steps per revolution to 36,000 steps per revolution.
  • varying degrees of water proof housings.

Magline HiRes Encoders ::: 
SIKO round magnetic tapes and rings measure rotational position when used in conjunction with a matching Magline tape reader.

The form factor differs from classical incremental encoders but importantly, they exhibit the same electrical characteristics while offering a wider range of resolutions.

For example the magnetic ring, MR500, and (programmable) MSK5000 can offer resolutions from 64 to 200,000 steps per revolution. Count the 4 AB pulse edges and resolve 800,000 steps.

Rotary Tachometers ::: 
Hand held tachometers for measuring the speed of rotating shafts.

Rotary Tachometer/Generator ::: 
Designed to provide an AC voltage proportional to the rotational speed of a coupled to shaft.
The unit is designed to be connected to a moving coil meter or similar, with integral rectifier