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Computer Peripherals - Digitizers & Estimating Systems

Small-format digitizers for graphic arts, CAD design.
Large-format digitizers for GIS mapping, CAD and fabric design.
LED low power surface backlights.
Portable digitizers and Estimating tools.
Programmable Touch menus for CAD and general office applications.
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Small format ::: 
GTCO graphics and CAD digitizers provide a generous footprint for graphics and CAD input.
For the graphics designer 12x12in or 12x18in provides all the area to create creative designs. Available with pressure sensitive corded and cordless pens with up to 512 levels of pressure control.
An ideal add-on to PC programmes like Corel Draw.

Large format ::: 
Digitizers of size A1: 24 x 36" and bigger. Applications include CAD design, GIS & Mapping, Construction, Flooring and forestry estimating, Fabric design and sizing.

Note: Jan 2012: re AutoCAD LT 2012.
Several instances where GTCO Tablet Works install on the PC but not LT 2012. (Options/System/Wintab driver.).
Also Command Line: TABLET returns a message that you cannot use your pointing device as a tablet.
This problem is quickly resolved by upgrading AutoCAD LT with SP1, which updates the internal LT 2012 Wintab DLL.
Tablet Works operates successfully for inputting designs in fabric, and other outlines. Tablet Works does not support digitizer menus,

Parts other ::: 
Cursors, connecting cables, Install CD, power supply packs, and other items for small and large-format digitizers.
View the most current list with available stock in the User Area > Downloads > Digitizer_Parts, or the pdf file attached to items.