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Accurate temperature sensors for biotech and laboratory equipment.
Nickel RTD : Ni1000
Thermophiles: Single point and multipoint measurement.

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 Nickel RTD
 Thermopile Sensors
 Thermopile Modules

Nickel RTD
Nickel RTD SMD temperature sensors are physical vapor deposition devices featuring a passivation layer and lead frame mounting with final encapsulation in SOT23 packages allowing surface mounting. Nickel RTD SMD sensors offer low cost, high precision temperature measurement and comply with the former DIN 43760 standard. Nickel RTD SMD sensors are ideal for applications in harsh environments including exposure to hot oil.
1.Ni1000SOT ... [more details]
Measurement Specialities Nickel thin film temperature sensor, 1000.0 ohm @ 0°C

Thermopile Sensors
Thermopile infrared (IR) non-contact temperature measurement sensors are available with various lens, and filters allowing use in mulitple applications. Custom thermocouple infrared sensors are available.
1.TS105-10 ... [more details]
MS Thermopile Type T105-10; TO-5 Package; 5µm long wave pass filter; FOV 90°; Best for short range pyrometry (medical forehead thermometer) 100kŮ ±5% @ 25°C; Beta 3955K ±0.3%
2.TS118-3 ... [more details]
MS Thermopile TS118-3, TO-18 Package; 8-14µm wide band pass filter; FOV 120° 1000±4Ů @ 0°C; TCR 6178 ±150 ppm/K
3.TS118-5 ... [more details]
MS Thermopile type T118-5, T018 pacage; 5µm long wave pass filter Resistance 100kŮ ±3% @ 25°C

Thermopile Modules
Thermopile infrared (IR) non-contact temperature measurement modules combine infrared temperature sensors with a variety of signal conditioning and output options.
1.TPTV ... [more details]
MS Thermopile module with USB interface, Internal Silicon Lens; FOV 14°; 0° to +100°C