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Sensors & Instrumentation - Tilt & Inclination - Fluid Filled Inclinometers

Single and dual axis, gravity referenced, fluid based inclinometers for OEM and technical end users.
Models for measuring small angles through to 360° Models with switch output for angle limit applications.

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 MS PCB range
 MS Tilt Switches
 MD 360° Tilt Sensor
 MS Accustar

MS PCB range
Measurement Specialties dual axis OEM tilt clinometers use small fluid filled conductive sections for measuring ranges between ±2° up to ±90° inclination in both the X- and Y-axis. The sensor units are reliable, have a wide spectrum of modern technology with high accuracy and resolution at an affordable price.
1.G-NSE2-015 NS-25/E2 ... [more details]
Measurement Specialities OEM tilt sensor for ± 25°, Vcc =12 to +24Vdc, ref 2.5Vdc, signal 2.5Vdc ± 2Vdc

MS Tilt Switches
G-Series with switch outputs for safely limiting tilt angles

The G-Series consist of a single axis conductive tilt sensor based on a modern technology and housed in an environmentally protected and robust aluminum case. The fast microcontroller works with linearization and temperature compensation routines. This fully calibrated inclinometer offers switch output signals when the preset The inclination switch enables the angle of inclination of objects such as appliances, machines or motor vehicles to be monitored and emits an alarm signal when the angle is exceeded. The switch threshold can be set symmetrically by the customer within a range of +/-10°.

  • Robust housing
  • High accuracy
  • Protection class IP 67
  • Wall mounted
  • Simple clamp
  • EMC Protection
    1.G-NSG-001 ... [more details]
    MS G-Series tilt switch user adjust within ±10°

    MD 360° Tilt Sensor
    • Range: full 360°
    • Resolution:
      • Serial port 0.00549°, binary; 0.01°, ascii;
      • PWM 0.09°
    • Accuracy:
      • at level and plumb +/- 0.1°
      • at other angles +/- 0.2°
    • Calibration points 128
    • Temperature coefficient
      • at level or plumb, +/- 1 deg. 0.006° per ° C.
      • at other angles 0.012° per ° C.
    • Repeatability +/- 0.1°
    • Hysteresis 0.10°; (average over 360 degrees)
    • Noise +/- 0.02°
    • Time constant: 0.4 seconds (typical)
    • Frequency response (-3dB): 0.4 Hz (typical)
    • Angle output rate: every 8/15 second (533 msec.)
    • Humidity sensitivity: Conformally coated.
    1.90104001-030 ... [more details]
    ISU with PWM and RS232 output for measuring 360°.

    MS Accustar
    The AccuStar® Electronic Clinometer is an extremely accurate angle measurement device that produces an output signal which corresponds directly to the magnitude and direction of angular displacement. Measuring just 2 inches in diameter, this compact and affordable sensor is ideal where high accuracy measurements are required in space restrictive applications. The viscous fluid provides a natural time constant equivalent to a low pass filter.
    1.02111002-000 ... [more details]
    Measurement Specialities clinometer, single axis with cable and analogue outputs.
    2.02110002-000 ... [more details]
    Measurement Specialities clinometer for ±60°, cable and ratio-metric outputs
    3.02112002-000 ... [more details]
    Measurement Specialities clinometer ±60°, cable and digital microprocessor interface.
    4.02118011-00 ... [more details]
    Measurement Specialities AccuSwitch tilt switch for ±2° to ±20°. Supply is 9Vdc@10mA.
    5.09-01-1061A ... [more details]
    A mating molex connector, plus 6 pins, for the AccuStar II /DAS 20 and the AccuSwitch