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Sensors & Instrumentation - Linear Displacement - 4-20mA LVDT

Models designed for 4-20mA, 2 wire current loop operation. These units are suitable for valve position indication and general industrial application. Generally suitable for adverse conditions.

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 MS HCT Series
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 MS CTS System

MS HCT Series
Description: Measurement Specialties HCT-IS series, 6 models from 6.35mm to 254mm, is a totally new concept in remote linear position sensing. All necessary LVDT conditioning is contained within the 0.75" (19.1 mm) diameter LVDT housing.
Instrinsic Safety
The HCT-IS is an intrinsically safe, two-wire, loop powered, linear position transmitter that operates with loop resistance of up to 700 Ω at 28 VDC. The transmitter is designed to minimise the effects of changes in loop resistance and electromagnetic interference on position indication.
Hermetically Sealed
The HCT-IS is packaged in a hermetically sealed, stainless steel housing, designed for the most adverse conditions.
Units can withstand external pressure up to 1,000 psi (70 bars). The design is particularly suitable for use in remote valve position feedback, where AC power is not available to operate external signal conditioning.
Standard ranges include 0.25" to 10.0", however, custom scaling is available for special OEM requirements.
• 4–20 mA, two-wire operation
• Measurement ranges from 0.25" to 10.0"
• Self-contained electronics
• Hermetically-sealed housing
• Nonlinearity: = 0.5% full range
• Low cost
• Calibration certificate supplied with all models
• Environments requiring intrinsic safety.
  The HCT-IS range, used in conjunction with proper barriers, meets FM and CSA safety approvals.
• Valve position indication
• Outdoor use with long cable
• Control roller gap in rolling mills
• Process industries
• Ideal for noisy environments
• Metric thread core (std in N.Z.)
• Bendix waterproof plug
• Extension Rods
• Mounting Blocks
• Captive core option for convenient installation.
1.02561025-006 ... [more details]
Measurement Specialities HCT-IS 420 for 0 to 254mm, with metric core.
2.02561023-006 ... [more details]
Measurement Specialities HCT-IS 420 for 0 to 50.8mm, with metric core.
3.02561020-006 ... [more details]
Measurement Specialities HCT-IS 420 for 0 to 6.35mm, with metric core.
4.02561024-006 ... [more details]
Measurement Specialities HCT-IS 420 for 0 to 127mm, with metric core.

MS PTS Series
Measurement Specialties PTS series linear position transmitter, 6 models from 6.35mm to 254mm, consists of a one piece linear position sensor and transmitter electronics. Configured for use in two-wire, current loops, the PTS 420 is compatible with most process controllers. Units are available in measurement ranges from 0.25" to 10".
Rugged packaging and a large barrier type terminal strip facilitates installation and screwdriver adjustments provide for ease of calibration.
Designed with a rain-tight, splash proof housing, the PTS 420 is suitable for position measurements requiring stem type valves such as the ones frequently used in process control, power generation, and other related applications.
The PTS 420 can also be used for valve position indication, roll gap control in rolling mills, and where outdoor use with long cables is required.
1.02560967-004 ... [more details]
Measurement Specialities PTS series LVDT position transmitter 0 to 127mm, with 10.5 to 28Vdc loop supply and 4-20mA output.

MS CTS System
The Measurement Specialties CTS 420 is a 2-wire current loop position transmitter system especially suited to valve position indication and other position indication in process industries. The system consists of an LVDT position sensor with matching electronics to provide 4-20 mA output into 2-wire current loops. The linear position sensors are available in six ranges covering 0-0.25" to 0-10.0". The CTS 420 System is particularly well suited for sensing valve position of stem type valves because the sensor can be coupled directly to the valve’s operating shaft for exceptional reliability and accuracy. Of special interest to the process industries is that the system’s inductance and capacitance are well below the levels set for intrinsic safety requirements.
The LVDT sensor is constructed of stainless steel and is hermetically sealed and uses a non-contacting movable core, so there is nothing to wear out.
1.02291281-000 ... [more details]
Measurement Specialities CTS-420-4000, 0-101.6mm position transmitter with zero and span control, especially designed valve position.