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Low pressure pressure switches designed for values under 150 psi, made with brass (lower cost) or stainless steel threads.

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 Dietz series 200P
 Lefoo Series LF20
 Lefoo Series LF25

Dietz series 200P
The new Dietz 200P is a reliable robust pressure switch designed for the pneumatics industry. It offers pressure ranges for 3–150 psi with a proof pressure of 350 psi and is fully field adjustable. With an industry standard Din type connector and a ¼" Male NPT pressure port, this switch is the ideal product for general industrial applications.

Sales Features / Benefits
  • Rugged compact brass housing
  • Adjustable pressure ranges from 3–150 psi
  • SPDT Switch (up to 5 Amp)
  • High life (1,000,000 cycles +)

  • Set Point Ranges: 3–150 psi
  • Repeatability: ± 2% FS
  • Maximum Overpressure: 350 psi
  • Mechanical Life: 1,000,000 Cycles
  • Temperature Range: -20–180°F

  • Set Point Ranges: 3–150 psi
  • Repeatability: ± 2% FS
  • Maximum Overpressure: 350 psi
  • Mechanical Life: 1,000,000 Cycles
  • Temperature Range: -20–180°F

  • Switch Type: SPDT Snap Action
  • Current Rating:
    • 5 A 12/24 VDC – 125 VAC
    • 3 A 250 VAC
1.D30000 ... [more details]
Dietz pressure switch model 200P for 3 - 7 psi range, adjustable.
2.D30001 ... [more details]
Dietz pressure switch model 200P for 5 - 30 psi range, adjustable.
3.D30002 ... [more details]
Dietz pressure switch model 200P for 25 - 150 psi range, adjustable.

Lefoo Series LF20
The LF20 pressure switch is specifically designed to stand up to extended duty applications. This switch is factory set but capable of field adjustment. It features different diaphragms for compatibility with a wide variety of fluids, and various terminations including a Metri-Pack connector that forms a tight seal when connected. Among the outstanding design benefits are its durable construction, compact size, and enhanced set point integrity. It can be widely used for pool and spa, anti-skid braking systems, water pump systems, and dental air compressors, heavy construction and and off road applications, etc.

SpecificationsLefoo Series LF20
MediaAir, motor oils, transmission oils, jet fuels and similar hydrocarbons, water
Pressure SetpointFactory set from 0.3 to 150 psi
Max operating pressure150 psi for 0.5 to 24 psi ranges
250 for 25 to 150 psi ranges
Proof Pressure500 psi
Burst Pressure750 psi for 0.5 to 24 psi ranges
150 for 25 to 150 psi ranges
Operating temperature
-40°C to +120°C
Switch styledirect action, blade contact
Electrical ratingResistive: 15 amps @ 6Vdc, 8amps @ 12Vdc, 4 amps @ 24Vdc
Inductive: 1 amp @ 120Vac, 0.5amps @ 240Vac
Contact arrangementSPST NO / NC
Terminal options1/4" spade terminals, #8-32 screw terminals, optionally wire leads potted and sealed
Port Connection options1/4" NPT male, 1/8"-27 NPT male. others on request
MaterialsElectrical contacts: Silver alloy, gold plated
Base: Brass
Cover: Glass reinforced polyester
Diaphragm: Polyimide film (standard)
Other optional choices (dicuss)Base: Plated steel, stainless steel or plastic.
Diaphragm: Teflone or EPDM
Ordercode Builders:
1.LF20-833210E-100 ... [more details]
Lefoo Series LF20, 91 to 150 psi, SPST - NO - C - NC, stainless steel, 1/4" NPT, 1/4" spade terminals, no cover, set to 100psi

Lefoo Series LF25
LF25 pressure switch is designed for control pressure with higher current capacity. It is widely used in steam cleaner, steam iron and other pressure control system. It provides SPST or SPDT contact form and switch dead-band (also referred to as mechanical differential or hysteresis).

LF25 switch utilise high-quality miniature snap-action switches. The switch is diaphragm operated. Diaphragm material can be selected for the operating medium, temperature range and other parameters. During the development of a specification, actuation point can be adjusted by the designer. In production, factory setting is required.

Lefoo LF25 Specifications
Specification:Lefoo LF25 series
MediumNon hazardous gas, liquid or steam.
Operating Temperature+85°C to +125°C Maximum
Contact ArrangementSPST or SPDT
Electric RatingsSPST or SPDT/ Normal Close: 16(4) A-250VAC;
Other ratings are available on request

Terminals6.35 or 4.88mm male Q.C. ;
Insulation cover available as necessary
Pressure port NPT 1/8-27 or NPT 1/4-18 male, G1/8 male

Lefoo LF25 model range
Lefoo LF25 model range
Operating pressure (bar)0.2-0.6 bar0.5-1.5Bar1.2-2.5bar 1.5-4bar3-7bar5-9bar
Proof Pressure (bar)3456710
Differential Pressure0.2±0.1bar0.2±0.1bar0.2±0.1bar0.25±0.15bar0.35±0.20bar0.6±0.20bar
Ordercode Builders:
1.LF25-5122-6.5 ... [more details]
Lefoo series LF25, user adjustable range 3.0 to 7.0 bar, 1/8" NPT-27 port, microswitch 2.1A, 125 ~ 250 Vac, for 125°C maximum temperature, 6.5 bar (factory set-point value).