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A range of digital vacuum sensors and controllers

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 Model 2002
 Model 2002 OBE
 760 Plus
 760s Transducer
 HPM 4/6 (portable)

Model 2002
The Model 2002™, dual Sensor Vacuum Gauge, is a wide-range vacuum instrument consisting of a digital; microprocessor-based display unit; two sensing elements (micro-Pirani and piezoresistive bridge) in a single tube shell; and an interconnecting cable. Together, these components provide accurate vacuum measurement over 7 decades of pressure from 10-4 Torr to 1000 Torr.

This instrument is a new design approach, based on over 50 years of experience of Hastings Instruments with well-known pressure measurement techniques. A single tube contains both a Hastings patented thin film Pirani sensor and a piezoresistive sensor in a small and inexpensive package. The piezoresistive bridge is a direct force sensor which gives very accurate readings at high pressures from atmosphere down to less than 1 Torr without the concerns of gas composition.

The thin film Pirani measures pressures from a few Torr down to less than 1x10-4 Torr. An algorithm reading in the microprocessor ensures a seamless transition between sensors. Additionally, the two sensor outputs are used in a cross calibration mode to give even higher accuracy.
1.HPM 2002 ... [more details]
Digital vacuum gauge. 1 x 10-4 Torr to ATM.
2.HPM-2002-DIAG ... [more details]
Diagnostic tube

Model 2002 OBE
The OBE-2002 is a Closely-coupled Electronics module which provides the user with a small, low-cost method of accurate vacuum measurement over a wide range of pressure.
The OBE-2002 uses the same rugged HPM-2002s tube as the award winning/highly successful Model 2002. The module contains all of the performance features of the Model 2002 dual sensor instrument in a compact configuration.

The OBE-2002 is ideal for applications that require accuracy without the expense of costly capacitance manometers and a wide measurement range without multiple gauges. The OBE-2002 electronics module is available with Dual Analog, RS 232, RS 485-Half and Full Duplex, Dual 4-20 ma and DeviceNet™ output options.
1.HPM-2002-OBE ... [more details]
Vacum gauge with display

760 Plus
The 760 Plus (Model HPM-760) Vacuum Controller is an exceptionally stable, accurate, repeatable absolute pressure gauge that provides excellent linearity and is unaffected by gas composition. A full 4-digit meter indicates in 0.1Torr units from 0.1 to 999.9 Torr.
The heart of this vacuum controller is the HPM-760S module, a stainless steel measurement volume attached to a small and rugged piezo-resistive transducer on a silicon chip. The chip includes a sealed vacuum reference, a resistive bridge circuit, and a temperature compensation network which provides outstanding accuracy and stabilityWhen exposed to atmosphen is simple; no test equipment is necessary; only an accurate barometric reading is necessary to set the high end. The HPM-760 power supply includes an LED digital readout and two vacuum alarm relays. Set point pressure is displayed by pressing the up or down arrows. The display will default to measure pressure after approximately 15 seconds. The two SPST relays are rated for 230 VAC max. at 5 amps and can be set to activate on either increasing or decreasing pressure.
1.HPS-760 ... [more details]
Power source, digital meter, 2 point controller, 8' cable.

760s Transducer
The HPM-760S module is an exceptionally stable, accurate and repeatable absolute pressure gauge. The output signal is a highly linear voltage or current signal suitable for many process control applications. As an absolute pressure gauge, readings are unaffected by gas composition. This compact instrument is constructed of 316 Stainless Steel on all wetted surfaces. The sensor is available as a stand-alone instrument, or may be configured with the optional Digital Power Supply featuring Dual Hi-Lo Control Set Points. This is an economical sensor alternative to higher cost systems.

The 760S module is a rugged piezo-resistive transducer on a silicon chip. The chip includes a sealed vacuum reference, a resistive bridge circuit, and a temperature compensation network that provides the outstanding accuracy and stability.

This instrument covers the range of 0.1 to 999.9 Torr. The input voltage requirement is 15 to 30 VDC. Optional outputs are available for a variety of process controls (0-5 VDC, 0-8 VDC, 2-10 mA and 4-20 mA options) See the detailed product bulletin for more information. Calibration is simple; only an accurate barometer reading is necessary to set the high end.
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HPM 4/6 (portable)
The Model HPM 4/6 is a compact, hand-held, digital display, battery operated control unit. When combined with the Hastings Instruments rugged thermopile sensors it becomes a vacuum instrument designed for portability and ease of use in applications where AC power is not readily available.

The lightweight control unit operates with a standard 9 volt battery, and is available for display in units of Torr or mbar. Additionally, it can be calibrated to an individual sensor or set for average sensor output to test many different sensors of the same type. It is switchable to offer display for both the DV-6 (0.001 to 1 Torr) and the DV-4 (0.01 to 20 Torr) sensors without re-calibrating. These sensors are rugged, noble metal sensors which are resistant to corrosion and can be ordered with a variety of system connections to meet your system's requirements such as VCR™, KF 16, KF 25, Glass, MiniConflat™, etc.
1.HPM 4/6 ... [more details]
Battery operated digital vacuum gauge with 2 ranges: 0 to 1 and 0 to 20 Torr
2.HPM 4/6-M ... [more details]
Battery operated digital vacuum gauge with two ranges: 0 to 1mbar and 0 to 20mbar.