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Sensors & Instrumentation - Acceleration - Servo Accelerometers

A range of linear servo accelerometers measuring vector acceleration with high accuracy using a closed loop force balance torquer mechanism, damped by silicon oils.
These units are characterised by high accuracy, excellent linearity and high level of reliability.

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 Sherborne A320 & A320L Series
 Sherborne A215 & A220 Series

Sherborne A320 & A320L Series
A low noise, ultra low range accelerometer for monitoring of smaller acceleration forces.
1.A323-0-001-±0.1g ... [more details]
Sheborne A320 Series Servo accelerometer, with electrical connector, for ±0.1g FSD
2.A320L-0101-±0.1g ... [more details]
Sherborne A302L series ultra-low range accelerometer, with bayonet connector and 4 to 20mA output, ±0.1g range

Sherborne A215 & A220 Series
With a range of ±1g to ±20g the A200 series covers a broad range of applications that will benefit from the accuracy, linearity and long life expectancy of a quality servo accelerometer.
1.A215-0001-±10g ... [more details]
Sherborne A200 series servo accelerometer, miniature case version, with pins, for ±10g