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Sensors & Instrumentation - Linear Displacement - LVDT Accessories

A range of connectors, mounting blocks etc for LVDT

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 MS LVDT accessories
 MS LVDT gauging accessories

MS LVDT accessories
Standard accessories are mounting blocks, spare cores and non-magnetic stainless steel extension cores and connectors.
1.04560950-000 ... [more details]
Measurement Specialities LVDT mounting block for E series LVDT with 0.750 inch (19mm) body diameter
2.62101011-000 ... [more details]
BENDIX connector for Schaevitz hermetically sealed LVDT. Series: HCT, HCD, HCA.
3.04290417-000 ... [more details]
Measurement Specialities HCA series factory made Bendix connector and cable assembly
4.xxxxxxxx-200 ... [more details]
Measurement Specialities captive core assembly factory fitted to hermetically sealed LVDT Series: HCA, DC-EC, DC-SE, HCD, HCT
5.xxxxxxxx-010 ... [more details]
Measurement Specialities LVDT guided core assembly for several models

MS LVDT gauging accessories
Main accessories are:

Various tip types see pdf file
Various connectors.
Please refer to the pdf file
1.04560952-000 ... [more details]
MS LVDT mounting block HR, XS-D type LVDT with 0.812 inch (20.6mm) body