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Vacuum Sensors, NIST reference tubes and installation accessories.

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 Vacuum Sensors
 NIST Reference Tubes
 Installation Accessories

Vacuum Sensors
Special application needs are met by a broad selection of accurate Hastings gauge tubes. Thermopile, thermocouple, piezo-resistive strain gauges, and super Pirani sensor types are available to cover vacuum pressure ranges from 10-5 to 1000 Torr. Gauge tubes are temperature compensated, and the rugged hermetically sealed construction withstands system vibration and pressure shock. Use of noble metals assure stable, long-term calibration. Design variations include sensors for high temperature (bakeable), harsh outdoor environments, and high over pressure. Also a myriad of system connection configurations are available to meet a wide range of system mounting requirments. These include 1/8" NTP, Smooth (for welding), VCR, KF, 16, KF 25, glass, mini Conflat and large Conflat. Additional system connections can be made to order.
1.55-89 ... [more details]
50 Torr vacuum gauge tube
2.55-19 ... [more details]
20 Torr vacuum gauge tube
3.67-6 ... [more details]
100m Torr gauge tube (RedBase)
4.55-38 ... [more details]
0-1000 millitorr vacuum gauge tube.
5.55-38R ... [more details]
Rugged 1000m Torr gauge tube
6.HPM-2002S-01 ... [more details]
HPM 2002S vacuum gauge tube with 1/8"NPT.
7.HPM-760S-01-A ... [more details]
HPSM760S vacuum gauge tube with 0-5V dc output. 0 to 1000 Torr.
8.HPM-760S-02-A ... [more details]
HPM-760S vacuum gauge tube with 0 to 10V dc output. 0 to 1000 Torr.
9.HPM-760S-03-A ... [more details]
HPM-760S vacuum gauge tube with 2 to 10 mA output. 0 to 1000 Torr.
10.HPM-760S-04-A ... [more details]
HPM-760S vacuum gauge tube with 4-20mA output. 0 to 1000 Torr.

NIST Reference Tubes
Fast, accurate vacuum gauge calibration is easy with Hastings NIST calibrated Reference Tubes. Using the same noble metal theropile designed for operating vacuum sensors, Reference Tubes are evacuated, sealed in a glass shell and marked with pressure readings. Instrument calibrations merely require users to replace a working gauge tube with the Reference Tube and a simple "Current Set" potentiometer adjustment to match instrument to reference. Reference Tubes are ideal trouble-shooting and maintenance tools.
1.55-101 ... [more details]
20 T reference tube (DV-4D)
2.55-103 ... [more details]
100m Torr reference tube (DV-5M)
3.55-104 ... [more details]
1000 m Torr reference tube (DV-6M)
4.55-105 ... [more details]
10 m Torr reference tube (DV-8M)
5.55-106 ... [more details]
5 Torr reference tube
6.55-107 ... [more details]
50 Torr reference tube (DV-24)

Installation Accessories
Hastings Instruments offers a complete line of system attachments and in-line filtration to ensure easy installation and maintenance. Quick disconnect system attachments allow users to install these special fittings once and then easily replace a sensor without messy vacuum sealant or tape. For particularly contaminant-prone systems, Hastings offers a particle drop-out trap or a molecular sieve filter that acts to protect sensors and increase their life.
1.65-72B ... [more details]
Particle drop out trap
2.65-724 ... [more details]
Molecular sieve filter