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A range of pressure sensors specifically designed for sub sea applications on oil rigs and boats. The materials provide reliable operation and up to 25 years corrosion resistance.

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 P480 Series
 P900/P1220 Series

P480 Series
Description: Sub-Sea wellhead pressure transmitters providing a premium performance for sub-sea installations.
A P480 Pressure transmitter installs directly on sub-sea oil production manifolds to measure the oil / gas process water injection pressures. Integral 2 wire transmission provides 4-20mA via (customer prescribed) cable or subsea mateable connector assemblies, back to the control system.
Manufactured from high corrosion resistant alloys to meet NACE and other technical requirements, the sensor casing is of electron beam and T.I.G. welded construction, hyperbarically tested for operational depths to 2500 meters. Operational life expectancy is in excess of 25 years.
In the unlikely event of the diaphragm rupturing, secondary containment is provided within the pressure capsule to 800 BAR. As a mandatory requirement an additional containment (tertiary) has been added which is pressure tested and verified to 1035 Bar (15,000psi) on each unit during manufacture.
• Designed for long term immersion to 2500m
• pressure connections A.P.I. 6A or 17D.
• Dual outputs available
• Operational life in excess of 25 years
• Verifiable pressure containment to 1035 BAR
• High over-range capability
• optional low profile "Flush" diaphragm for for applications where waxing and hydrate formation a possibility.
Models and Availability
• All units custom made to installation requirements.
• Pressure range from 100Bar to 1035 Bar
• Accuracy < ± 0.1% FRO
• Optional Flush Diaphragm
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P900/P1220 Series
Description: A special version of the well recognized Schaevitz P900 and P1220 series designed for use inside oil filled sub-sea control modules to depths of 1000 meters.
Refer PDF file.
• Pressure ranges from 0.7 to 1035BAR
• Field test and proven
• Accuracy < ±0.2% or < ±0.1% FRO
• Standard for depths to 1000 meters
• Option for 2500 meters
• Pressure containment to 800Bar
• Optional Pressure containment to 1245Bar.
The database is in a building phase and this family is currently empty.

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