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Sensors & Instrumentation - Rotary Position - Absolute Encoders

A up to minute range of absolute encoders with one or multiple encoded turns, programmable features and many creative applications.
Complete catalogue on request.

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 SIKO SV58 Series
 SIKO WV36M/SSI Series
 SIKO AV58M Series
 SIKO WV36M/CAN Series
 SIKO AH25S Series

SIKO SV58 Series
SV58 Series is an absolute, programmable, single turn encoder with solid shaft and 58mm flange as standard.
Programmable options include SET count zero, latch and reversal of sense of rotation.
Output options include Binary, Gray code and excess Gray code.

Product Profile
  • resolution max. 14 bit/revolution
  • resolution 360, 720, 1000, 1024,3600, 4096, 8192, 16384
  • only 66 mm installation depth
  • solid shaft diam. 6 and 10 mm
  • 58 mm size diam.
  • SSI interface
  • IP65 type of protection
  • shock-proof up to 250 g

Applications suggestion
  • Shaft rotation angle
  • valve position
  • thread depth setting
  • arm / vane angle
  • roller pressure setting angle
  • wind vane angle
  • pendulum angle
  • rudder position

The 4096 steps per revolution version can be supplied with an analogue interface PCB producing a ramp voltage proportional to angle. The ramp can be set for zero equals zero counts or 2048 counts. This product was designed for accurately setting rotation angle of boat rudders and other boat adjustments.
1.SV58-P1-E2-A-OK-4096-G-M1-10X20-SL ... [more details]
SIKO SV58 absolute encoder, Parallel output, with connector in axial position, 4096 steps per rev, Gray code, clamping type flange, 10x20mm shaft, zero set and latch pushbutton controls.

SIKO WV36M SSI is a compact absolute encoder with an inherent memory for position, without battery support. Magnetic encoding ensures the device is more rugged and the measurement immune from minor dust and condensation.

A recommend encoder for SG21 draw-wire encoder, providing 20x4096 = 81920 steps or 40.96 steps/mm, 0-2000mm and at speeds to 1000mm/sec.

Product Profile

  • Compact design (36.5mm diameter)
  • SSI interface
  • IP64 type of protection
  • Multi-turn without battery
  • Double ball bearings
  • 12 bit single-turn (4096 steps, standard)
  • 13 bit multi-turn (8192 revolutions)
  • matching cable plug No. 83526
1.WV36M/SSI-G-4096-4096-6/S36-M12 ... [more details]
SIKO WV36M/SSI, Gray coded, 4096 (12bit) PPR, Set for 4096 revolutions, 6mm shaft, 36mm mounting plate, thread 8 pin socket M12A

SIKO AV58M Series

An absolute position, multi-turn, user programmable, encoder with shaft coupling.

The new SIKO AV58M adapts to your specification.
With this fundamental principle, SIKO GmbH has enhanced its product programme to include a robust, magnetic, absolute analogue encoder with teach-in function that will forge new paths within the international encoder market.

Using two buttons on the reverse and two external inputs, the AV58M can be set to your measuring range in just a few steps. Thus you program the full signal travel distance (0 … 10 V or 4 … 20 mA) to precisely the measuring range specified. Irrespective of whether you want to measure 2, 10, or 100 revolutions, the AV58M is the best choice you could make.

The AV58M encoder measuring range is 12 bit resolution (4096 increments).
The measuring technology is robust wear-free, battery-free, single and multi-turn.
Thanks to double ball bearings, this low-cost encoder is designed for high loading.
These features provide the AV58M with a large installation base in all manner of applications.

Two programmable models cover every measuring angle or length.

  • AV58M multi turn with 0~10Vdc output
  • AV58M multi turn with 4~20mA output
  • Just 2 models to cover hundreds of applications.

Product Profile

  • Encoder resolves 65536 steps per turn.
  • Maximum number of resolvable turns = 65536
  • The analogue output is 12bit, ie 4096 steps.
  • Minimum angle is 22.5°
  • Maximum angle is 360° x 65536
  • Factory default setting is 0° to 360°x16 (5760°)
  • Use the ORDER CODE BUILDER to specify another delivery range

  • Analogue Meter MA50
  • Part No. 84109 straight connector
  • Part No. 83006 angled connector
  • Connector + PUR cable 1....20m
  • May also be used with SIKO SG31 draw wire actuated system to measure up to 3000mm
1.AV58M-MWU-6-M12 ... [more details]
SIKO AV58M absolute analogue encoder, with 0 ~ 10Vdc output, 6mm stainless steel shaft, with M12 electrical connector
2.AV58M-MWI-6-M12 ... [more details]
SIKO AV58M absolute analogue encoder, with 4 ~ 20mA output, 6mm stainless steel shaft, with M12 electrical connector

SIKO WV36M_CAN absolute encoder is offered with 2 variants being 36mm or 58mm mounting flange.

Product Profile
  • Compact design (36.5 mm diameter)
  • CANopen (DS406) interface
  • IP65 type of protection (IP54 on shaft)
  • Multi-turn without battery
  • Double ball bearings
  • 12 bit multi-turn (4096 revolutions)
  • 12 bit single-turn (4096 steps)
1.WV36M/CAN-4096-4096-6/S36-M12 ... [more details]
SIKO WV36M/CAN series, 4096 bits per revolution, 4096 turns, 6mm shaft, 36mm mounting plate, M12 screw connector CAN signal interface

SIKO AH25S Series
SIKO deliver robustness and accuracy for Construction and Agricultural Machinery!
When it comes to construction machinery, whether in the field of agricultural technology or forklift trucks, design engineers are often stretched to their limits with existing rotary encoders and measurement systems, as things tend to get especially tight in each of these application scenarios. Finding just the right system, one which satisfies all technical requirements, is resilient, and which also offers just the right construction form, often proves to be an impossible balancing act.
This is seen time and time again in the field of mobile automation as there are many factors to be contended with. Regardless of jolts, vibrations, dirt or moisture, all measurement tasks would always have to be done very accurately and free of any and all disturbances. In order to meet all requirements, the measurement systems are often elaborately encapsulated so as to be able to withstand weather conditions. However, the difficulty here is that the size of the measurement systems often exceeds the available installation space.

The miniature single-turn AH25S absolute rotary encoder from SIKO is the cost-effective and flexible option.
It provides a unique balance between high resolution, excellent functionality, a sturdy housing design and a minimal construction form.
The cost-effective AH25S rotary encoder can be used in a number of ways. You can choose from several analog interfaces such as 4…20 mA, 0…10V or 0.5…4.5V, which is especially suited for agricultural equipment. The rotary encoder always makes use of the advantages of the wear-free magnetic measurement principle, thus resolving the entire 360° into 4096 measurement steps. A redundant version is also available upon request. This innovative technology, packaged in a sturdy die-cast case, can be made use of in applications with limited installation space thanks to the small case diameter measuring only 25 mm.
Special design measures ensure Protection Class IP65 over the course of a long product lifetime, which makes the rotary encoder particularly suitable for positioning tasks in mechanically demanding environments and with temperatures ranging from -40 to +85°.
Combined with resilient ball bearings, the AH25S is ideal for dependable measurement under confined spatial conditions. The 8 mm blind hollow shaft enables a simple installation of the rotary encoder. The rotary encoder itself can be manufactured with a radial cable outlet with an open cable end or a corresponding customer connector.

The rotary encoder AH25S is a magnetic miniature single-turn absolute encoder with an analogue output. This rotary encoder with its robust die cast housing was designed especially for use in mobile machines and has an absolute range of 360°. With its extremely compact size (ø25 mm) it is predestined for applications with very limited space.
Profile AH25S:

Miniature absolute analog encoder.

  • 12 bit (4096) resolution over 360°

  • IP65 protection category

  • -40 °C to +85 °C operating temperature

  • Outputs

    • Voltage (0.5 … 4.5 V, 0 … 10 V)
    • Current (0 … 20 mA, 4 … 20 mA)

  • Easy mounting by hollow shaft ø8mm
1.AH25S-001 ... [more details]