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Sensors & Instrumentation - Acceleration - MEMS Accelerometers

A range of silicon micro-machined accelerometers featuring full signal processing to provide cost effective solutions across a well defined range of applications.

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 Sherborne 700 Series
 Sherborne A545 1,2 & 3 axis
 Crossbow LP Series
 Crossbow LF Series
 Crossbow HF series
 Crossbow GP Series
 Crossbow dataloggers

Sherborne 700 Series
The A700 range of Solid State Accelerometers measure acceleration in single or dual axes. The accelerometer utilizes MEMS technology having positive mechanical stops conferring excellent shock resistance. The -0101 version incorporates a temperature sensor enabling each sensor to be individually characterize over its operational temperature range. A data sheet containing the characteristic output equation is supplied with each sensor enabling errors due to zero offset, sensitivity error, linearity, thermal zero shift and thermal sensitivity shift to be minimized.
1.A720-0001-5g ... [more details]
Sherborne 700 series MEMS accelerometer, dual axis, standard cable, for ± 5g
2.A720-0101-5g ... [more details]
Sherborne 700-101 Series MEMS accelerometer, dual axis, standard cable, for ± 5g

Sherborne A545 1,2 & 3 axis
The Sherborne A545 line of MEMS accelerometers are housed in a robust alloy housing for maximum protection. With a response DC to several kHz they have a wide range of applications. The low level output may be matched to off the shelf DIN Rail amplifiers.
1.A545-0003-plusmn;5g ... [more details]
Sherborne A545 series tri-axial MEMS accelerometer, with pin interface, for ±5g range.

Crossbow LP Series

The LP Series is a family of single and tri-axial low-power, DC response, general purpose accelerometers available in measurement ranges of ± 4, ±10, ±25, ±50, and ±100 g. Common applications include vibration analysis, automotive testing, instrumentation, and general equipment monitoring.
Plastic (nylon) and high temperature metal housings are available.
The LP series replaced the "M" Series.
1.CXL04LP1Z ... [more details]
Crossbow MEMS accelerometer for ±4g, DC-100Hz, z-axis
2.CXL10LP1 ... [more details]
Crossbow MEMS accelerometer for ±10g, DC-100Hz, X-axis
3.CXL10LP1Z ... [more details]
Crossbow MEMS accelerometer for ±10g, DC-100Hz, z-axis
4.CXL10LP3 ... [more details]
Crossbow MEMS accelerometer for ±10g, DC-100Hz, 3-axis

Crossbow LF Series

The LF Series single & tri-axial accelerometers are precision ± 1 and 2 g accelerometers, with DC-50Hz response
A bulk mircomachined sensing element and ASIC electronics combine to provide low noise and high stability.
Common applications include seismic vibration, instrumentation and orientation measurements.

-AL option: A plastic (nylon) is standard with an optional high temperature case available.

-R option: The standard series operates from a 5 Vdc supply or optionally from a 6-30Vdc unregulated power supply.

The high level output signal interfaces directly to data gathering equipment.
Crossbow offer a turn-key data recording system for seismic event analysis, structual test and other measurement applications.
Please review the data on AD128 and AD2000 data logging systems.
1.CXL02LF1Z ... [more details]
Crossbow MEMS accelerometer for ±2g, DC-50Hz, z-axis (run out model)

Crossbow HF series

The HF accelerometers are single axis and tri-axial vibrations sensors based on an advanced piezoelectric material integrated with signal conditioning amplifier and regulation electronics. The sensor features low-noise (300uG rms), and wide bandwidth (0.3-10,000Hz).
As the HF series does not have a DC response, the units will not respond to gravity and other very low frequency signal effects.
These sensors are easy to use and install without the need for an external amplifier.
Plastic (nylon) and metal (-AL option) housings are available.

The picture shows the ALUMINUM high temperature case.
(All parts numbers listed represent the standard plastic case.)
1.CXL10HF1Z ... [more details]
Crossbow MEMS accelerometer for ±10g, 0.3-10,000Hz, z-axis
2.CXL10HF3 ... [more details]
Crossbow MEMS accelerometer for ±10g, 0.3-10,000Hz, 3-axis

Crossbow GP Series
The GP Series accelerometers are low cost, general purpose, linear acceleration and/or vibration sensors available in ranges of ±4g, ±10g, and ±25g. Each range may be supplied in x, z or 3 axis format.
Optional features
-R Voltage regulator for 6 - 36Vdc input
-AL High temperature package
1.CXL04GP1Z ... [more details]
Crossbow accelerometer, GP series, Z axis, ±4g, 500mV/g, DC-100Hz
2.CXL25GP1 ... [more details]
Crossbow accelerometer, GP series, x- axis, ±25g, 500mV/g, DC-100Hz

Crossbow dataloggers
A range of data loggers designed to log acceleration, tilt, vibration and inertail measurements.
1.CXLDK ... [more details]
Crossbow digital interface board with software.