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OEM Sensors And Components-Reed Switches-Reed Magnet Sensors

Magnetic proximity sensors are used where high positional accuracy in sensing is required. Cylindrical magnet sensors are available from the smallest 2.5 mm diameter ultra-miniature packages to the standard 6.0 mm diameter packages. Threaded versions are suitable for applications where positional adjustment is required. Screw mountable magnet sensors can be directly mounted on enclosures, doors and windows. All of these sensors come in two versions, one for switching low level 10 W loads, and the other, for switching up to 60 W line voltage loads.
MS-212 reed magnet sensor ... [ read more ]
RRE MS-212 series ultraminiature reed magnet sensor with with OAT value 10-15, 100mm leads, 5mm stripped and tinned.
Order code: MS-212-2-100-T
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Reed Relays & Electronics Ltd

OEM Sensors And Components-Reed Switches-Reed Sensors

RRE manufacture a range of SMD, and PCB mountable reed sensors in normally-open, normally closed, and latching forms. The SMD versions are supplied in tapes conforming to IEC 60286-3 standards, for automatic pick and place, and can be used in assemblies where all the components are SMD. For environmental reasons, the leads are plated with pure Tin, which is Lead free.
RRE R3S series SMD reed sensor ... [ read more ]
RRE R3-S series reed sensor with operating AT band of 10-15.
Order code: R3S-2G
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Reed Relays & Electronics Ltd
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