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Sensors & Instrumentation-Linear Displacement-LVDT Instrumentation

A range of amplifiers and instrumentation for LVDT and Gauge heads.
LiM420 Single Channel amplifier for AC LVDTs, with 4-20mA output ... [ read more ]
Measurement Specialities LiM420 LVDT signal conditioner with excitation, demodulation and current amplifier on PCB assembly with +24Vdc (nominal) input, 3.5Vac LVDT excitation and 4-20mA output.
Order code: 72290000-000
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LVM-110 Single Channel amplifier for AC LVDTs,with 0-10Vdc output. ... [ read more ]
Measurement Specialities LVM-110 LVDT signal conditioner with excitation, demodulation and voltage output amplifier on PCB assembly. With a ±15Vdc input, provides 3Vac LVDT excitiation with frequency selection and synchronisation options and with adjustab
Order code: 04171776-000
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LDM1000 LVDT / RVDT signal conditioning module. ... [ read more ]
Measurement Specialities LDM1000 DIN RAIL mount conditioner
Order code: 02291333-000
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Single Channel AC LVDT Signal Conditioning Unit ... [ read more ]
Applied Measurements RM-074 DIN rail mount AC LVDT signal conditioning unit with excitation, demodulation and voltage/current amplification options.
Order code: AMA-RM-074
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Applied Measurement PTY Ltd
PML1000-000Single Channel AC LVDT Panel meter ... [ read more ]
Measurement Specialities PML1000 single channel panel meter supporting a fast 125Hz unscaled output.
Order code: 02291330-000
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Dual Channel AC LVDT/RVDT instrumentation amplifier and controller ... [ read more ]
Measurement Specialities MP-2000 dual channel AC LVDT instrumentation amplifier and setpoint controller with analogue and digital output signals and optional set-point relay board.
Order code: MP-2000
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Single Channel AC LVDT/RVDT high resolution signal conditioning instrument. ... [ read more ]
Measurement Specialities high resolution AC LVDT/RVDT signal conditioner with precision digital sine wave generator and digital calibration features.
Order code: ATA-2001
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