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Sensors & Instrumentation-Linear Displacement-Digital Position Indicators-SIKO DE10 Series

SIKO DE10 programmable display
SIKO DE10 digital indicator, for horizontal spindle, standard model, decimal point = 0000.0, display divisor = 1, cw increasing, without delay, with 30mm hollow shaft, Red housing, cylindrical torque pin, 2 year battery service life
Order Code:DE10-02-...-1-1-i-D-RH30-R-A-B2

The SIKO DE10 Programmable Position Indicator
The SIKO DE10 is very flexible because of the range of programmable features and availability of three function keys.
With respect to the usual mechanical counters, the battery-powered indicators from SIKO offer the following user benefits:
  • Display value and decimal point freely programmable
  • Selection between angle measurement and linear measurement.
  • Reset function
  • Incremental function
  • Offset value programmable at the device
  • Higher shaft speed of 600 rpm

The user can configure the display values by using the optional PC-based software ProTool DE. The position indicator is linked to the computer via a custom USB cable.
  • large display (figure height 11.5 mm)
  • max. hollow shaft diameter 30mm
  • freely programmable via PC -> programming tool (optional accessory)
  • programme display for imperial, metric or angle measurement and
    compensate for minor errors in spindle thread pitch
  • battery can be easily replaced
  • battery life 24 months, (optionally 8 years)
  • incremental measurement function, display of absolute value
  • easy mounting

updated Nov 2012

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