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GE NovaSensor NPP-301A pressure sensor for 100kPa, SMD
GE NovaSensor Series NPP-301A sensor pressure 100kPa absolute, plastic SMD SO-8 package
Order Code:NPP-301A-100A

GE NovaSensor NPP family includes 15, 30 and 100psia models packaged in plastic SMD SO-8 format. Technology is a Silicon Fusion Bonded (SIF) ultra-high stability SenStable© piezoresistive chip in a plastic package.
• Low cost surface mount package
• Operates -40°C to +125°C
• Static Accuracy of <0.2% FSO Max.
• Suited to automatic assembly
• Four element, wheatstone Bridge configuration providing design flexibility.
• Three ranges
NPP-301A-100A = 100kPa (15psia)
NPP-301A-200A = 200kPa (30psia)
NPP-301A-700A = 700kPa (100psia)

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