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Sensors & Instrumentation-Linear Displacement-Digital Position Indicators-SIKO DA04 Series

SIKO DA04, 02 view window, 10 display after 1 revolution, comma position 1, CW=clockwise increasing, 14mm hollow shaft, orange case, type A torgue pin, without locking lever, without axial seal, no intermediate plate
Order Code:DA04-02-0010-1-I-RH14-O-A-0-O-0

SIKO digital indicator with easily read display and vernier scale. Designed for tightly spaced access and spindle diameters of 14mm or less.

  • Small size 33x47x31mm.
  • Standard hollow shaft 14mm.
  • Counter 4 decades plus vernier scale.
  • Digits are 6mm high.
  • Weight is 0.05Kg each.
  • Housing Colour SIKO Orange.

Product marking

DA04-xxxx xxx

Top Line where -xxxx is a number 0001 to 9999 = short order code and where xxx is a production batch number.
Replacements: Order as DA04-xxxx(substitute x for numbers).
New orders: Use the a stock order code or use the ORDER CODE BUILDER to define your requirements.

Second line refers to part of the long product code per the data sheet or our on-line ORDER CODE BUILDER.

Supplier:SIKO GMBH
Min. Order:1